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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

SCOTUS: Gives Trump A Travel Ban Path

NOTE: CBS video has an auto-start. Consider scrolling down to the video and enacting pause until you are ready to view and listen.

We will devote minuscule space and time to another example of the seriously regressive state of US Courts in the hands of a president who has an undeniable lean towards authoritarianism or a hybrid form of totalitarianism.  

While I have little knowledge of the various iterations of Trump initial band, I understand that previous rulings against a blanket ban were modified. Modified to include Venezuela and North Korea. Now that Trump is schmoozing with Kim Jong Un, I wonder how he will modify the ruling when Kim or Putin voice objection.

The conservative Court strikes again.

It is important to note throughout history court systems in totalitarian states (or the national government cousin of the totalitarian state: authoritarianism.) are either non-existent or the courts are cosigning judicial bodies for the whims of the leader.  

One has to wonder how the Trump inner circle will actually administer the ban.

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