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Friday, June 29, 2018

Trump Avoids The Media Opting For Lawn Shrubs And Hedges

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Notice the microphone and the awaiting press in the following 10-second clip. also, notice the distant light-haired figure slinking briskly towards the White House shrubs. 
Again we have a shooting in a mass public place. Fortunately, law enforcement cut this episode short via their quick on the scene arrival...and that is good.

As many interviews have been conducted, the customary press briefs with platitudes for the first responders (very warranted in this killing spree), and CNN's tribute to the dead while garnering major ratings for its coverage there is one off-camera interview of a couple of survivors which drew my interest and fondness.

While I have nothing against prayers as I am a believer in a heavenly spirit despite my apprehension regarding the "man/male written" Bible). 

The following three minutes 27 seconds of the full interview is apropos to the maximum and Full Stop.

If you wish to hear the full 15 minute plus segment, I have linked it here.

Now take a look at how Trump post-trip returned to the White House. Do you think declaring the media an "enemy of the state" may have been the impetus for the far from camera slithering-no comment lawn entrance back to the Oval Office?

Who is the elusive figure?
Apparently after consultation with aides and being offered a prepared set of comments Trump spoke this morning from the White House. The irony of the statement when compared to his past blasting the media is yet another stark reminder of his insincerity ad erratic nature.  Oh, what a difference a day makes.

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