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Friday, June 15, 2018

YOUR GOP: Steve King of Iowa

Image result for steve king "Still Racist"  Forever racist.

If you are a follower of current events, a person suspicious of growing racism from the Right, and if you are an American who finds growing racism unacceptable, you will recall this MSNBC News clip from 2016. Iowa Representative Steve King went full racist on national television. His remarks so startled the MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, he shut down any opportunity for a non-white member of his panel to respond to King. Hayes later expressed remorse for the shutdown. His initial reaction to King was both telling and tragic. King was allowed to spew pure racism on a progressive-leaning network and his actions went unchecked. King's racism linked here.

While we saw the latest example of conservative America's acceptance white supremacy via last night's Primary win for Corey Stewart, we received a solid dose of GOP racism this morning for none other than the party's the proudest racist, King.

All cable media except Fox News are reporting on the latest racist escapade of Iowa's Steve King.  Huffington Post published a piece about the racist King's recent retweet. 

As of yesterday, King says he didn't know he was retweeting a white supremacist.  Yes, of course......  The New GOP.

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