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Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Trump's World Turns: The European Union As "Foe" Of The US?

We understand the dynamics of hiding one's combover or better yet, shielding one's combover from the wind.  But isn't the optics in the following video somewhat childish. A cap with USA emblazoned across the crown simply does not seem to speak well regarding the maturity of the person wearing the cap. If we escalate the reality of that person is the President of the United States and is over 71 years of age, the optic is personified.

After we move past the Trump cap, wait let's do a quick visit and mathematical square the optics. 

 Image result for flotus cap melania

I am guessing someone thought that optic was "cool" to put it simply.

Once we move past the childish brandishing of Trump's non-popular reminders of his 2016 via such exhibitions, let's visit with more verbal disaster from the Overseas trip.

The EU is an enemy of the US!
Seriously?  How very Putin of him.

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