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Sunday, July 29, 2018

As Trump's World Trumps: The Message Counts.. That Which You Saw Means Nothing

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What follows is yet another example of creeping authoritarianism from Trump's White House and a reminder of doctrine once lived and it associated horrors.

We have posted the segment before, but a reminder of the extent to which Trump's media/communications department will mimic Fox News's broadcast model. The content of the post isn't a surprise considering his hiring of the former Fox News executive Bill Shine. Edit the tape, doctor-up the scenarios, and post false video content as feed for the gullible is becoming modus operandi.

First,  a look back at horrific times.

Image result for joseph goebbels quotes  Image result for joseph goebbels quotes

 Image result for joseph goebbels quotes Image result for joseph goebbels quotes

Fix the message... despite the world seeing its original version. 

MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show

If you think we missed the mark, take a look and listen to a Fox News network segment which went outside of the script, backfired and was cut off.

A stark reality!

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