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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Alleged Russian Operative Arrested

You must admit social media has been as busy as a beehive in mid-summer with reports of Russian money funneled into the 2016 campaign via the NRA. while the reports haven't been nailed down in a concrete manner, the overwhelming lean of the reporting is: yes, it took place.

A bastion of US conservatism accurately targeted and used by Putin's nation stealing spies and operatives (AKA lobbyists with possible "Extraordinary Ability").

First a quick digression:  We read your comments for time to time as some of you want more verbiage from us. Well, life is busy and we are about making points and disseminating information we are not a click ad sited with columns and borders laden with ads.  Therefore, you will find we will not spend hours crafting pieces laden with our opinions. Of course, we state opinions but we do so directly without paragraph after paragraph of stuff.  Therefore we offer two key news segments regarding the arrest of a 29-year old-red head Russian operative. 

By the way, did you view the FX Network's series The Americans over the course of its seven year run? NO?  Well, maybe you should. The arrested operative seems a classic example of embedded Putin tools.

The Rachel Maddow Show (via Ari Melber)

This morning Velshi & Ruhle

A few additional tidbits......

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We will comment further as this story develops,

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