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Saturday, July 28, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: GDP?

Donald Trump exited the White House yesterday to tout 2nd Quarter GDP which has been at 4.1 percent. Quite an achievement for the saviors of the US economy back to 2009. The only celebration warranted by Trump is to-date no inevitable GOP collapse. 

While the following chart ends well prior to Trump taking office, we post it for the dramatic effect of failed GOP policy and the "white knight" (figurative non-racial metaphor) of Obama policy and practice.

Related image

During his second term tow realities exist. Trump's touting wouldn't e possible if we did not have the immediate economic turnaround via Obama and team it is impossible to celebrate Trump without an economic Obama.

Yet we have Trump touting for effect.  I don't recall Obama ever hosting a White House outdoor even to publicly tout the 2009/10 economic turnaround.  Ah yes, Maybe Obama should have as the Dems lost the US Congress in 2012.


Trump: These economic numbers are very, very sustainable from CNBC.

My preferred version: the short version as I practice Trump avoidance where possible. When I must expose myself I limit my exposure. If I know a person is going to lie to me, why listen?

I digress.

Trump's Politifact
The message is clear.

The short version.

Allow me to take away your need to scroll up to the top of this piece.

Credibility is everything!

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