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Friday, July 13, 2018

Peter Strzok, GOP Operatives, And Real National Defense

Let's start with a few assumptions. 

We assume you are aware of special counsels Mueller's investigation into Russian election collusion. If you are aware of the investigation there exist a strong prospect you know all US INTEL agencies have agreed, Putin's cyber operatives swung the election towards Trump (along with national efforts from conservative operatives up to and including voter suppression in key states). States in the northern Midwest which customarily swing for Democrat Party presidential candidates (e.g., Wisconsin and Michigan as well as Pennsylvania).

We assume you know the day after taking after unceremoniously firing Donald Trump invited two Russian officials to the Oval Office. The invitation allowed Russian media, but US media was barred from the room. then you know Trump not only shared middle eastern conflict Intel handed to the US via Israel, he spoke of his firing of the FBI Director, James Comey.

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov in the Oval Office, May 10, 2017President Trump meets with Lavrov (pictured) and Kislyak on May 10, 2017. A photographer from Russian News Agency TASS was present, but no other press.[1]

Trump told the Russian Foreign Minister and Russia number one spy recruiter in the US he had gotten rid of the 'nut job' Comey. 
May 2017 The New York Times
May 2018 The New York Times
We know for a fact regardless of your political lean, if you can read and listen you know Trump is the subject of the Mueller Investigation but he is not a named target. People who are under investigation are either guilty or not guilty;  there is no middle ground. People who have something to hide are more likely. Does the logic work?  Let's try it from another angle. People have nothing to hide cooperate with authorities. 

Why is Trump, GOP congressionals and a full cadre of CNN right-wing contributors  (plus Fox News) in full pursuit on working to shift the nation away from Trump's legal entanglements?

As assumptions go we assume you are aware of the full scope and breadth of charges for the Mueller investigation.  VOX has published the most comprehensive list: VOX. Someone colluded and assisted in Russian interference in elections in key electoral states.  We can also assume those who may have colluded& with Russia were not from the social and political Left. As we review the VOX list, we can assume an investigation started from a dossier and the drunken bravado of a Trump aide could very well reach the top echelons of Trump's election machine.

Yet we have a GOP majority congress spending millions conducting hearings which are mere public showings and auditions for Trump. The key figure in yesterdays day-long photo opportunity spent 11 hours in a closed hearing with most of the same GOP hits-men in the public hearing. 

Meet the central figure and target of GOP elected operatives.

Peter Strzok

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The following is a critical exposition on Strzok, It is very long as is often the case with Rachel Maddow "A" Block segments. If you chose not to view the full segment or if you caught the segment a few days ago, simply skip through or avoid the segment. Before viewing, do you know the popular FX network's, The Americans? Strzok was instrumental in bringing that Russian spy family (ring) to an end. How many of the performance-focused Republicans in the Strzok hearing have accomplished anything regarding national defense?

We realize you may not prefer a set of embeds from social media. But, let's be real, the embeds work for those who wish to take advantage of quick-hit snippets with video. 

One congressman and attendee of the hearing spoke last night on The Last Word.

One more and it takes five minutes but may as well know US history A-Z.

The day before the Mueller probe has indicted 12 Russian military officials, the GOP enacted a total charade to facilitate Trumpism. 

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