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Friday, July 6, 2018

Racist HOA Guy Loses His Job (Demanded A Neighborhood ID)

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Tough love but necessary

We have pretty much avoided posting regarding the post-trump election dynamic of "calling the cops on blacks." While the incidents are growing in number with weekly exhibitions of social media. There are times when an incident is a very stark and guttural racist act which drives the incident viral.

One such incident occurred a few days ago with a black woman and her kid as a victim of a Home Owners Association (power wielding racist; hereafter referred to as the Racist HOA guy) calling the cops when the woman refused to present an ID to visit the neighborhood pool.

We start with a local newscast while offering the full video below.

Here is the full video.
Notice a few things. 

First, the man isn't of that Baby Boomer generation we so often affix to more bias and bigotry towards people of color.  Also, notice the incident occurred far from the US South where such incidents occurred as frequently as segregated water fountains and read entrances for black people. Also, notice the Racist HOA guy performed his racism and hatred in the presence of what appears to be kids (probably his kids). What words would a rational non-racist say to his kids when asked why he confronted the woman?  We suspect we know how the Racist HOA guy would handle communicating with his kids as they are probably already well indoctrinated to his racist inner core.  After all, racism and bigotry are homeschooled ideology and behavior. On more item for consideration. Imagine this guy with employees who are black or non-white. Well, actually that isn't an existential reality as he would never hired a person of color. 

You may also have noticed if you read the local news article you may have noticed other neighbors feigned surprise and ignorance of such actions via their elected neighbor HOA (racist) guy.  Imagine that! Well, the Racist HOA guy called the cops and ended up fire from his job.

We recognize conservative America is working to return the nation to pre-1950s ideology and social practice.  It was actually refreshing to read his employer took immediate action to relieve him of his paycheck. I suspect some of his co-workers are also feeling a bit better about the work environment.

There are many such videos of white people practicing overt racism since Donald Trump won the US Presidency.  As stated in the lead of this piece the guy with sunglasses who has seen a few ".....these each week"  is yet another prize from the proliferation of the video camera.  Imagine life as a minority in the US with no personal video technology.

We have come a long way since Rodney King.

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