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Monday, July 16, 2018

Rand Paul Joins CNN For Rambling Trumpism

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Watch two minutes of an interview CNN's Wolf Blitzer broadcast with Kentucky's libertarian (whacked out) Senator, Rand Paul. 

Paul has a tendency to talk himself into corners without the wherewithal to extract himself without embarrassment. I offer he did so with Blitzer. When asked a direct question, Paul embarked on a two-minute diatribe clear focused on providing personal interference for Trump.

We are seeking more of the zany interviews. Despite Blitzer's efforts to provide clear and focused journalism, Paul did what the Paul's do: run their mouths while nothing more than garbage escapes.  Do you recall Paul's campaign mantra of legalizing heroin: During a time when heroin was moving to the top of opioid abuse in the white community, elder Paul do a
Another segment...
Oh, there is more. Do you recall Paul with Rachel Maddow talking himself into admission he believes businesses should have the right to deny services to individuals? His shrouding cloak was "Private business owners". Yes, of course, come into my establishment with no shoes and nos shirt, without question, I will ask that you leave. But, by law, there are restraints which reach into our history. Paul's comments to Maddow gave an indication he might have issues with what follows. 

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I won't link the segment here as it is very long and the epicenter came after 15 minutes of rambling garbage from Paul. He performed like an archetypal politician with an agenda.

We will revisit this post should CNN publish more of Paul's foolishness.

Let's end for now with a reaction from a former White House/Pentagon official and former naval admiral.
Fox Business ???? 

More Fox...Neil Cavuto

And here is how one, a real US President, deals with the Russian Dictator.
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