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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The HOA Pool Guy Gaslights

             Image result for racist pool guy
Image result for racist pool guy 
Do you think this guy is any different than this guy?

Many people from that time remember Brock as more the victim in the incident.

Motel manager pouring acid in the water when black people swam in his pool, 1964 (Rare Historical

NBC affiliate WXII gave the Racist HOA Guy four minutes on camera to feign innocence of his attempted "pool cleansing" in the manner of a Mike Pence condescending TV appearance. No matter the necktie, no matter the soft voice and fake relaxed demeanor, no matter the discombobulated answer to the question, this man is a Trump Era racist. He seems to be auditioning for a clean record for purpose of employment just as he would sit in a job interview.  If he wasn't exercising utter racism on the Fourth of July, what was the remark:" ..seeing a few of these per week."  "...a few of these per week"

First, the Racist HOA Guy in full aplomb on the Fourth of July. (Click the link in the embed.)

This man called the cops on a Black neighbor while she was using a community pool
— NowThis (@nowthisnews) July 6, 2018

Now take a four-minute look and listen to what amounts to a pre-job interview probably under advisement and counseling via a legal team replete with a Reputation Fixer/Cleaner on the team.

Let's deal with that liberal tendency to offer sympathy and empathy when it is most underserved. An apology after a vile act including the ever popular act of calling the cops on black people (and in the era of Trump), is worth less than Trump himself declaring he will become a real US President and drop the carnival act.  It is fake... and may have found a media to offer what really is fake news.

The full interview seems like a weak attempt at gaslighting the man and his racist act.  

How about visiting with another "pool segregation riad" via calling the cps and the cops show up as a black cop.  Oooops.  Must view.

#PoolPatrolPatty: White Apartment Manager Fired After Calling Police on Black Couple Because of Socks

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