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Friday, July 13, 2018

Twelve Indictments Of Russian Military Hackers

"Russia Are You Watching"

Do you recall this from the 2016 presidential campaign?

By now (late in the day) you know the Justice Department has issued a statement of 12 indictments against Russian military officials and their efforts to hack into democrat party election computers and servers. While the indictments are not the first to come from the Mueller investigation into possible campaign collusion. The indictments are particularly stinging as Trump prepares to grovel-up to Vladimir Putin. It should be noted Trump wants to do his groveling in a one to one meeting with no media. Alas, the ultimate environment for a money hungry carnival barker (with a tendency towards dishonesty) to suckle-up to one of the humankind's more notable strongmen.

The DOJ indictment is embedded below. While the full indictment is 29 pages, you should consider reading the highlighted section on Page 2.  

HuffPo updated piece regarding the DOJ indictment of 12 Russian officials.
The Raw Story published a piece with six stunning revelations about the indictment.  Kudos to The Raw Story.

Keith Boykin also deserves hats-off for his reports of the extent to which Mueller is spending good investigation time and money on what could become the highest level of corruption in US political history.

100+ criminal counts 35 total indictments 32 people indicted 3 companies indicted 5 guilty pleas Paul Manafort in jail Michael Flynn guilty Trump told Russia to hack Trump staff met with Russians Trump Jr. worked w/Wikileaks This is not a witch hunt. It’s a criminal conspiracy.

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It appears Putin and the Russians were watching.

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