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Sunday, August 5, 2018

As Trump 's World Turns: Rallies, The Strange And The Hidden Ones

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Trump delivered two rally yells this week. One in Florida and the other in Ohio. In both rallies, Trump's delivered oratory comparable to that of famous leaders in Europe during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s (through 1944).

Trump's audiences heard a sermon unequaled from a US President. From outright lies through threats of jailing Hillary Clinton. He whipped up the Florida crowd to a level of seething and boiling physical manifestations. We saw and heard obscene hand gestures, obscene yelling, lowlife signage and threats to CNN's Jim Acosta.

Of course, my perspective is that of a liberal who finds Trump s reprehensible person. Let's take a look at FOXPEN'S (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network) Mind shapers for their perspective on Trump's oozfests.

It seems the two Fox propagandist found qualities in the speech many rational Americans would feel: really." 
"He was positive, he was funny. But more importantly, he had a message of success."
Politifacts ran an analysis regarding the veracity of one Jeanne Pirro. The rating was "FALSE" for those who didn't visit the link. Point being? All people get things wrong at times, it appears Pirro as a member of the Trump communications team shares Trump's penchant for lying.

A message of Success?

Does the Fox News propagandist mean Trump's remarks about the US Steel industry?  

You knew what follows was cue'd-up, right? No there is no "six" steel producing plants opening-up.  We located a Politifact "False."

We shouldn't forget how he fed his audience regarding trade and "Space."

Success?  I posit Pirro and Tucker Carlson know better and are fulfilling their lucrative Fox News role (contracts).  Alas, I digress.

More success?

Unbelievable in its ridiculousness.

Of course, we will not post the full Trump video of his rallies. The previous snippets offer insight into Trump's world and the world of those who literally worship the man. Let's take a look at a growing sect in Trump's world.  A sect embodied with conspiracy theories and other traits which most Americans do not share.


The New York Times on Qanon

It shouldn't surprise rational people when we have examples of what follows as a guidepost. 

The FaceBook page developer of Now This published a great three-minute video regarding eight of Trump's most whacked-out episodes of carnival barking.

And then there is this.....

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