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Friday, August 24, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: CNN Chris Cuomo's Trainwreck With Trump's Conway

Here We Find Cause To Avoid Trump Media Presstitutes

What follows is eight minutes of ugly brought to you by KellyAnne Conway, CNN and, me for offering the video to you. Yet it is important to watch propagandist work to insinuate Trump into your mind. Conway came on Cuomo's show hell bent of doing what she is handsomely paid to do: distract, deflect, purvey alternate facts (as she named it), and end with a flurry of bull regarding Trump's (so-called) economy. You will notice Conway is most-assuredly taking direction from off-camera and she frequently visits the screen of her phone or IPad for ditection and counter-points.

While points of view will prevail on how the on-camera battle ended and how it influenced Conway's Gish Gallop attempt was obvious and seemingly unprofessional. 

Recall she will close her air-time as do all Trump talking heads with a flash barrage about the Trump economy. Trump would not have said economy if it were not a reality handed to him in January 2017, via President Obama.

Image result for trump vs obama economy chart

Related image

Image result for trump vs obama economy chart

Image result for trump vs obama economy chart

Just a few reminders that we could not have the current economy without the past nine years post the Obama inauguration. 

Cuomo and Conway (she even deployed you won't let a woman talk strategy)


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