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Saturday, August 11, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Facts, Alternative Facts, No Facts, Ugly Facts,

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"What you are seeing in the news is not what is happening." Trump to the VFW.

Let's spend a few minutes on the various shades of facts absent in Trumpism.

First, a peep at the effectiveness of Trump's strategy as the following people were photographed abusing news reporters.

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Facts and Paris Dennard, response to Erin Burnett's question regarding Trump's now historic remarks following the killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Virginia one year ago tomorrow:

"Erin Burnett, don’t ask me ridiculous questions."

Dennard had to know the question Burnett posed would be part of the segment. Yet, he refused to answer the question while applying a small dose of "Gish Gallop" deflection towards Burnett's Left-leaning guest, Joan Walsh. 

Dennard is an official on Trump's 2020 re-election team. He is also an unabashed Trump talking head and "presstitute". Actually, I suspect Dennard is paid both by the Trump circus as well as CNN.  

Facts are not an underlying core value of Trumpism.

While I recognize the following segment has a fairly long run time, it is important to view another Trump talking head: Candace Owens. The segment may have run longer than prescribed via show programmers and producers, based on Owens clear intent to Gish Gallop through the pre-defined tie parameters. An effective tactic many Rightwing talking heads deploy.

MSNBC Arl Melber The Beat with Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens. linked here.  

Living and serving as a black conservative isn't an issue. People have the right to political lean in any way they wish.  The problem with the Owen's, the Dennard's and the Darrell Scott's is their willingness to wave the conservative  (Republican) flag while the world now knows Trump is as a minimum a seething bigot. Of course, you know the next stage of racial animus (especially when one has the power to so readily influence race relations in our society).

When Burnett asked Dennard a question regarding race, a year ago national tragedy which ended in death, beatings, fired weapons,  and "Jews Will not replace us" manifestations.  Dennard's answer was typical. 

Facts?  A trait not imbued in the 45th President of the United States. 

ABC News

The reason facts serve as a dangerous void in Trump is as clear as this...

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And on a more serious and deeply rooted note, watch as Fox News's Laura Ingraham assisted in moving the psyche of her viewers towards increasingly overt acts of racism.  

While Ingraham returned to her set the following day with a typical Fox News denial of her intent the previous day, the reality is she fed her viewers what they tune-in to absorb. She followed the next show with an effort to placate her advertisers. The reality is her comments were as based on deep-rooted racism as David Duke's past as Leader of the KKK.

What is restraining the Right from simply opening up with its inner core aversion to diversity, its embrace of bigotry and its consistently underlying threads of growing racism? While Ingraham traipses on the periphery of overt racism, I posit she actually Venn Diagramed into racism comparable to Pat Buchanan. 

Watch the seamlessness and shamelessness of Ingraham and well known US racists and white supremacists. 

Fact: Ingraham laid a racist egg and 24 hours later she attempted to whitewash her remarks. Meme of the Day.

I'll close with the perfect example of why facts are not conducive to Trumpism. Actually, it appears facts are incongruent to the Trump supporter she ad core values.

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Yes, facts matter when facts are offered from, credible people. Herewith is yet another example of how the GOP is literally infested with people who do not hesitate to distort facts, lie offer fakery to cover their lives.

Florida GOP Candidate Accused of Faking College Diploma

Isn't there another famous case of a fake degree associated with Trunpism?

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