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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Racial Animus, Bias And A Lack Of Leadership

Let's take a quick review of a president who is obviously biased against African-Americans and a president who knows how to use the inner core of his followers for political advantage. 

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CNN's Jeffrey Tobin caught offset and asked a direct question about his perception of Trump's views on race.

The reason we opened this piece as we chose to open will become clear in a moment follow.

Yesterday MSNBC producers and show programmers suffered either a case of very poor judgment (while ignoring the prospect of "I told you so" reactions) or staged an ugly interaction which was as forecastable as the 24/7 clock. Ari Melber's The Beat was the forum for an interaction with a common example of Fox News like conservative guest dogma or CNN-like Jerry Springer staged verbal violence.

What follows is a segment in which the show host Melber via his producers lead with examples of how Trumps existential reality echoes that of the white supremacist Pat Buchanan.  Apparently, the Trump camp conservative and noted Fox News talking head Candace Owens wasn't pleased. Owens was clearly equipped for a mission which resembled a common debate (Gish Gallop) weapon/technique in an effort to burn a majority of speaking time in a segment which ran with tight time restraints.  I have long suggested or posited conservatives use the tactic whenever possible while speaking on non-Fox News TV.  

What follows is ugly but not uncommon when certain conservatives paid pundits are booked on MSNBC and CNN. 

The Beat/Ari Melber: linked.

Clearly, Owens was about deflection, distraction, and combat after watching comparisons of Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump.  Owens delivered an obvious performance goal without regard for the ugliness and unprofessionalism imparted by the Galloper. But then, do conservative talking heads really care about pride and professionalism. 

Herewith is another example of outright and unabashed lying and ridiculousness from another of Trump's black rationalizersL Darrell Scott. Notice the over the top praise of a person who actually fits the Pat Buchanan comparison like no other US President. Linked here.

If Trump isn't as a minimum sympathetic to the depiction which follows, he certainly does a great, wonderful and bigly (Trump-like hyperbolic adjective praise), job of disguising his inner core. A core which would lead any US president to speak out against growing cases of overt racism and white nationalist protests. 

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