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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Rallies, Records And FOXPEN (Video)

The meme which follows while accurate will clash with other aspects of this post. The meme simply addresses Trump's record-setting short time in the Oval Office.


A couple of days ago we published a piece regarding Trump's carnival barking and entertainment rallies. The piece included a few pictures we ask you to consider viewing (quickly) before viewing the graphic below. 
As Trump 's World Turns:  Rallies, The Strange And The Hidden Ones
Since we didn't suggest viewing the piece videos, take a sample of how Trump has rallied his supporters to the point of pure hatred of US media (especially CNN).

Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists ...

How did the nation get to a point of total fondness for Russia, overt exhibitions of whacked-out people, hatred of credible media and a president who cannot speak the truth as a matter of pathology? 

Answer: year after year of GOP Southern Strategy via Richard Nixon (Kevin Philips) and Ronald Reagan (Lee At Water and Karl Rove). A political strategy to wind southern votes as a voter bloc. Actually, a successful political strategy which has race at its core and nucleus.  As time passed the southern bloc has grown exponentially as deep-rooted forms of basis from whites who now seem convinced they retreated as a social minority. In a few words, the strategy is basically a ticket for: It is OK to embrace and show one's prejudices. The best way to do such? Vote religiously for social candidates from a party which now openly courts white bias, accepts white nationalism (white supremacy and associated hate groups), and embraces policy which many GOP leaders have successfully laid as a blanket over African-Americans and Latinos (e.g., "welfare queen" and recent indifference to natural disasters in Puerto Rico).  

All said we should not underestimate the power of Trump's number one rated cable network Fox News (FOXPEN Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network).  Take a look at how Fox covers Trump's insane rallies vs. CNN and MSNBC 

Image result for trump toilet head Propaganda really isn't a beautiful thing.

The Raw Story published a piece this afternoon which exemplifies the full measure of how right-wing propaganda works on the minds of some Americans.

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PS: There is something very wrong when US politicians are running over to Russia and cuddling with politicians who serve a leader who is alleged to have killed journalists and has annexed a nation. 

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