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Friday, August 24, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: State Charges, CFO Plea Agreement, And A Spineless Congressman In California

And, The GOP Legal Saga(s) Continue

As I called-it a night last evening, the following video crossed my television.  The Trump organization is under state and local legal actions, I assume for felonious endeavors. Of course, rational and caring Americans won't be surprised by the news, but one item stood out as I closed m eyes last night.

Why haven't we or why aren't we hearing anything about the Trump Inc.s CFO? You know, the officer named by Michael Cohen in the now famous: "we gotta pay her off," audio via Cohen's attorney. The answer follows after the following CNN segment.

Well, it appears CFO Weisselberg was busy speaking with authorities on a plea agreement.

While Trump seeks lifeboats from his sinking ship, I wonder if he will allow his offspring to climb in the lifeboats before him.

Also while Trump wallows in what now seems tsunami legal entanglements, it appears another Republican is looking to save his legal skin via throwing his wife under the bus.
One last point. Didn't Donald Trump refer to Don Lemon as "dumb?"

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