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Thursday, August 2, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The UGLY, The TRUTH, Cultism, Presidential?

Image result for trump memesAs we move through the dark days of Trumpism, we are finding less need to spend hours writing lots of verbiage on a per incident or a per day basis. Trump is so very out of control as a national leader; you know our thought and perspectives.  

Today is a day of "no need for lots of words." Let's continue to digest the utter ugliness which Trumps seems to thrive on despite words from his Communications department to the contrary.   

The ugliness is the extent to which Trump's daily ranting about US media has led to a cauldron and witches brew of hatred and physical anxiety among people who seem ready to perpetrate physical harm to new reporters.


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Truth matters..and the nation's 45th President is void of that trait.

Why does Trump's "Fake News" label work? Simple, his base is without question something of a cult. A cult which has to be excised from a grip on the nation via their ideology and willingness to follow a Pied Piper celebrity.

More about QAnon from Media Matters.


A video segment for the HIVs  (High Information Voters) among us.

Amid the various form of insanity which oozes across Trump rallies, we found this example of presidentiality.

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