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Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump's Covers His Potential Election Malfeances Via Clutching Obama (VIDEO)

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Chris Cuomo ran a segment a few days ago regarding Trump's claim he hasn't done anything wrong regarding campaign issues. He further, as has become common, reached to drag former president Obama into the same or similar correction and fines.

Alas, Cuomo has also addressed Trunp's often stated mantra about his wondeful economy. Of course, the economy is doing well, but Trump is hardly the sole impetus for an econmy which started a turn-around after the Obama Stimulus. As we frequently state, Trump should celebrate the fact the econmy (to date) hasn't collapsed. His wealthy tax cut and a return to Bush-ike deregulation have offered a bump to the cnomy he inherited in 2017, but he is hardly the fahter of our current good times.

Rememebr, we have an election in a few weeks. The party which is facilitating an enabling Trump's Keystone Cop administration has majority in both Houses of Congress.

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