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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

As Trumps World Turns: Junior Attacks CNN's Anderson Cooper (VIDEO)

What follows via video is a must view

What follows is a stark indictment of how our minds are being fed pure unadulterated garbage for the right. That garbage reaches a state of utter feces when the initiators of efforts to shape-our-minds comments from Trump's inner-circle.

The Twitter embed which follows is a Donald Trump Jr. initiated an attack against CNN host Anderson Cooper.  A duly noted aspect of the attack is a particular response from a Trump worshipper. The commenter commented regarding Cooper's sexuality off the back of Trump Jr.'s utter lie.

Watch as a professional journalist and very decent human being Cooper, responds to the Trump sleaze.
What you just viewed is endemic of how the Trumps go about world shape a reality more suited (and facilitating) for their way of life. We know Donald Trump has committed over 5,000 documented lies since taking the Oval Office less than 2 years ago. He is a pathological liar his first thought seems to offer the public a lie. 

While Propaganda and mind-shaping are key Trump cabal tools, shouldn't we as a nation live with an expect better. 

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