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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Trump, FOXPEN, And The News

Image result for trump unga laughterAs Trump visited the United Nations last week, he left what will surely become an entry into the annals of US Presidential quotes. Sadly, the specific quote I reference relates to Trump's lying boast about his first two years in office.

Remember this...?

Thirty-nine (39) seconds of infamy: the "unexpected"  laughter.

As we move away from Trump's infamous week and his insane rambles at the United Nations, and a later press conference, take a look at how Fox News, FOXPEN-Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network, broadcast the 39 seconds to its viewers.

As you run through the following twitter thread (and video), it is important to recall authoritarian regimes are propped up and supported by media which offers false reality to sycophant or unsuspectingly naive viewers (or listeners).

Actually the two videos an comments from the twitter account holder are my primary interest. If the thread includes various comments for readers, please ignore them.

There is no cable news nor mainstream media network which more strategically edits video than Fox News. Network owners, managers, and producers apparently consider their viewers' cash-cow revenue bait who relish false reality news and current events from the Right.  While the vast majority of Fox News viewers know of the UN laughter, they return day-after-day for doses of pure psychologically twisted entertainment. PT Barhum nemesis in life had a phrase which encapsulates the fox Viewer to the max What is the old adage of "...(one) born every minute?" 

Why criticize Fox as you I have in the previous text? In all candor,  businesses have a business model to give the customers (viewer) what they want.

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