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Friday, September 7, 2018

Trumpites: Swap Out The Crowd; Recall 2016 Crowd Anger

Watch as your president's mind-shapers swap-out people placed behind Trump. People who do not appear enthused about Trump's oratory. 

Have you ever seen anything like the swap out during a speech by a US President? Do we need to offer more validating evidence Trump and his cabal are about the show while any substance is totally absent? You will notice the supposed attractive women replace average Joe types (one wearing a Trump red cap). Also watch the woman immediately took-up the hand clap expectation. How crass and carnival?
Watch another version. You simply must watch the video in Choi's Twitter thread.
It is all about the show.  Of particular interest and an indication of desperation, the swap out took place in the heart of Trump's oral diarrhea.  

The young high school student who was removed may have been discovered wearing a stick-on tag showing affection for democratic socialist views.

Tyler Linfesty wearing the Democratic Socialists of America Rose.

Maybe Mr. Linfsty was reacting to this part of Trump's oratory. He actually offered his audience the prospect of guilt if he is impeached

From another perspective, we have Trump training around red states delivering nothing more than reality TV threats and comments in supposedly damaging for GOP candidates. All the while lacing NFL kneelers into his oratory. How about a reveler who may very well hate the NFL Players who protest police brutality in their communities, yet she used the US Flag to blow and wipe her nose.

If you have a few more minutes (very few). watch a compilation of Trump supporters who would never receive a swap out.  These are people who Hillary Clinton appropriately called "deplorable (s)". 

Ugly, eh?

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