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Friday, October 12, 2018

Trump's White House

Did Trump actually host a Kanye West and Jim Brown lovefest after Hurricane Michael? 

Thirty-Eight seconds of Trump feeding manure to his audience at last night's rally.  Total hypocrisy as we look back at how Trump criticized Obama for attending a rally during the aftermath of a hurricane.  

The first 1:04 of the following video is typical of "everyday Trump". What is a day without a healthy dose of fat lies?

The MSNBC 11th Hour segment relates to Trump's decision to proceed with a Pennsylvania rally as a portion of his voting bloc base (southern states) suffered through the worst hurricane to hit landfall over the Florida panhandle. Brian William The 11th Hour

Speaking of feeding his supporters and ignoring the weather catastrophe in his Red states, Trump hosted a few so-called black people for a 'swording kissing (to keep it clean) oozfest.  No one oozed more than the obviously mentally disjointed Kanye West.

More: "the party of crime". A few days after the New York Time published an extensive piece regarding the Trumps and alleged tax fraud over the decades. He actually went there and received boisterous applause from his audience. Take a few minutes and watch this....

We will allow CNN's Anderson Cooper to sum up Trump's day after Hurricane Micheal.

Did he host such a lovefest?  I believe he did.

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