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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

As Trump 's World Turns: 17% US Deficit Increase From The Fiscally Conservative GOP

Thanks To The Trump Economic Team

The US Deficit hit the $779 billion mark at the end of last month; the end of 2018 Fiscal Year. The 2018 deficit is the largest deficit in the past six years. The increase represents a 17% jump of last year's deficit of $666 billion.

The New York Times
Image result for us deficit 2018 chart

There is an interesting set of trends lines associated with the chart. When did Barack Obama serve as US President and when did he leave office?  The questions are rhetorical.

The Committee for Responsible Federal Budget

Related image
A deeper historical review of the US Deficit.

US Federal Deficit by Year - plus charts and analysis - US Government ...\

A point made and reinforced. Any perception you may have held about the GOP and fiscal conservatism is as ridiculous as the GOP claiming it isn't the party of growing US Nazism and white supremacy. 

Should we expect the deficit under Trump and his economic cabal to reach $1 trillion in 2019 or 2020? Before you take a guess to know that the both the White House and the Congressional Budget Office says, "yes" we; we are looking at a trillion dollar deficit.  

NPR also published a piece on Trump's Deficit spending in relation to his and Paul Ryan's Tax cuts for the wealthy.

MSNBC's Ali Velshi also broadcast a segment on Trump's Deficit.

The real horror in the Deficit report is based on economic trends. The Deficit has a history of shrinking during economic booms.  Barack Obama left Trump a vibrant economy which Trump and his team haven't yet managed to collapse. The GOP tax cut for the wealthy is playing havoc on the Deficit while we, as citizens, are scurrying around with Trump's daily lies. silliness and outright baby-like behavior.

As you consider the reality of the US Deficit blowing up like a hydrogen bomb the Senate leader has the gall to point to government spending without any acknowledgment of their wealthy Americans tax cut. These people really do consider US citizens suckers.

McConnell and the Washington Post
McConnell calls deficit ‘very disturbing,’ blames federal spending, dismisses criticism of tax cut

No, the GOP isn't the purveyor of fiscal conservatism. If you continue to believe it is such you are maybe blind, suffer from chronic hearing disease and, or you are a Fox News viewer.

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