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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Cancel A Rally Due To Hurricane Michael?

Did a reporter ask Trump if he would cancel his Erie Pennsylvania rally tonight?

“Well, we don’t know, I was going to Pennsylvania, it looks like there are thousands of people who are already lined up, and probably we’ll do that tonight,” Trump said. “We have thousands of people going tonight, they’ve already — many are there already.”

Do not ask the US President if he would cancel a planned oozfest due to the historic hurricane in the Gulf. A hurricane which will remain a CAT 3 weather atmosphere until hundreds of miles from the Florida Panhandle.
“Well I don’t know what to do, because you have so many people already there, and it’s sort of unfair to them,” Trump replied.
The answer is "no". 

Crowd forming?

Yes, the crowd was forming but the numbers do not appear to be in the thousands.

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