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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Talking Points Memo And Today's Trump Carnival Act (Video)


Despite the apparent reality of a nation having grown "Comfortably Numb" to Trumpism, we feel obligated to offer up examples of US conservatism gone mad.

Trump has a wife who has stated her mission in the White House was one of challenging cyberbullying (bully et al). She very infrequently visits the false facade of the mission while her husband (45) bullies on a daily basis. If he isn't bullying via Twitter, he appears on-camera with oratory and language focuses like a laser weapon at anything remotely resembling a challenge or lack of support. 

Of late his bullying seems to almost exclusive settle on Jeff session and more importantly, women.

Yesterday's White House comments while surrounded with integral members of his Whtie House cabal, Trump added to his unbalanced and disparate treatment of women reporters.

Talking Points Memo has published five key items from the lawn session; land they are as bad as it comes if we consider that old ancient phrase: appearing presidential. 

TPM (linked)

We will take the video out of order ranked by TPM. A quick visit to the TPM link will show how editors of that publication ranked the five key points. 


Pure bullying an ABC News reporter who happens to be a woman.

Telling Female Reporter She’s ‘Not Thinking’

He directed a special, intense vitriol towards female reporters, scolding them to keep to trade questions and telling ABC’s Cecilia Vega that he knows she’s “not thinking” since “she never does.”

Trump tells ABC News' senior White House correspondent @CeciliaVega "I know you're not thinking, you never do," then refuses to answer a question about Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump Admits He’d Be A ‘Mess’ If He Drank

In a rare moment of self reflection, he joked about how much of a “mess” he would be if he drank alcohol, saying his sobriety is “one of his only good qualities.”

It’s ‘Fine’ If FBI Interviews Kavanaugh

He also nonchalantly agreed to expand the FBI probe on Kavanaugh’s past, saying it would be “fine” for agents to interview Kavanaugh himself, who is currently omitted from the witness list.

Trump "fine" with Kavanaugh being interviewed by FBI

Points One and Five are better viewed via TPM.

We have spent enough time on today's version of Trump's traveling carnival.

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