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Saturday, November 10, 2018

6.420 Lies In 18 Months

Now, that is a Presidential Record

Let's take a quick look at the first major and unnecessary lie from the Trump White House. The "hugely" lie took place the day after the inauguration. The Inauguration crowd size.

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OK, a benefit of the doubt; a later version.

A composite image shows the inauguration crows for Barack Obama in 2009, left, and Donald Trump in 2017.

Trump's Press Secretary, the ill-fated Sean Spicer was sent before the world to issue a lie which was without question shameful, embarrassing, and an indication of what was to come.

Never have so few lied so much. And, we had no idea of lie Number 1 running up to lie Number 6,420 inside of 18 months in office. Oh, we actually had some idea of what was to come, but the rational among us have to wonder about the impact f Trumps lying on his supporters.

How difficult was it for Trump's supporters to see the light as a majority of voters saw the light?   

Mexico hasn't built the wall.

Trump isn't working so hard he "...won't have time for golf." (Part II)

Trump and his economic team have not built a great economy. They have managed to avoid collapsing the virtual growth of the Obama stimulus of 2009. A collapse the administration seems committed to collapsing via sear economic incompetence.  

Trump seems to be a lazy president. Some media reports are he arrives at the Oval Office in the early afternoon; while spending an inordinate amount of time golfing. During his first 100 days the US Presidency. the reality of Trump's work ethic shone as bright as the noon sun on the 9th Tee. 
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Lies, lies and more lies.

The New York Time, almost one-year ago, published a piece regarding Trump's lying which will take its place in US history alongside the fabled George Washington's Cherry Tree. 

NYT, here.

No one who writes for The Progressive Influence is a scientist of the mind, but we have the wherewithal to seek information regarding anyone who seems to offer a lie as his/her first thought. And, offer the lies with regard for video or written fats which refute the more nascent lie.

Let's leave it with what follows.

Pseudologia fantastica 
(Abstract from
Pseudologia fantastica is typified by these characteristics: (1) the stories are not entirely improbable and are often built upon a matrix of truth; (2) the stories are enduring; (3) the stories are not told for personal profit per se and have a self-aggrandizing quality; (4) they are distinct from delusions in that the person when confronted with facts can acknowledge these falsehoods. The authors compile phenomenological data about "the pseudolouge", who is represented equally males and females. Intelligence varies, but at least 40% have evidence of central nervous system dysfunction. 

The Alley Dog dot com

Pseudologia Fantastica (Mythomania)

Pseudologia fantastica, also known as pathological lying or "mythomania," is the phenomenon of habitual or compulsive lying (either verbally or in writing) which was first described in medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbruck. It is a controversial diagnosis because the subject often doesn't stand to gain anything from lying. The paradoxical thing about compulsive lying is that the subject may or may not know that they are lying although it is possible sometimes that a person may be lying to make their own life appear to be more exciting than it really is.

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