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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Ivanka Email?

Bu, Bu, Bu, Her Email!!!!!!

An organization named American Oversight has blown into national news like a Cat 5 hurricane. Outside of the quick purview and discernment of the organization's name, what is American Oversight about?

Let's take a quick read.


Corruption starts at the top. From President Trump's failure to divest from his business empire to cabinet secretaries using their taxpayer-funded positions for their personal benefit, the Trump administration has been plagued by scandal, misconduct, and conflicts of interest.

American Oversight is a non-partisan, nonprofit ethics watchdog and is the top As Trump's World Turns: Ivanka Email?litigator investigating the Trump administration. Since our launch in March 2017, we have filed more than 50 public records lawsuits, uncovering and publishing tens of thousands of documents including senior officials’ calendars, emails, and expense records. Relying on FOIA and other public records laws, we file requests uncover misconduct that otherwise would not see daylight, and then we harness the independent power of the courts to force the administration to obey the law. With the House of Representatives poised to change hands and begin aggressively investigating the Trump administration for the first time, American Oversight launched the Parallel Investigations Initiative. We’ve filed more than 100 targeted FOIA requests seeking documents likely to be investigated by Congress, and if the Trump administration tries to obstruct or ignore congressional subpoenas, we’ll be going to court to compel the release of public documents and force transparency.
A liberal oversight and investigatory group used Constitutional law to snare existential arrogance and privilege from yet another Trump 'entity.' His daughter, Ivanka,  apparently maintained and widely used a personal email account for national business and communications. Where has this story played itself out in our recent past, uuuum?

How about a bit of background of which you are very familiar? 

In 2016, a candidate for the US Presidency literally invited the nation's number one adversary to hack (into) Hillary Clinton's emails system. A system which was illegal and against federal statutes. Trump invited Putin directly into US politics. Recent reports are Russian web operative within days delivered hacked (stolen) emails to WIKI Leaks.

Ah yes, the genesis of the now famous Trump rally rebel yell "Lock her up" is based int he Clinton family misstep of placing a computer server int heir home The server was actually installed at the bequests of Bill Clinton, bot Hillary Clinton. Nonetheless, it was used illegally.  From that reality to the what follows is US both US history and a case of tsunami karma.

One public figure (and Trumpet) figure in the following video has pleaded guilty to politics-related felonies and is cooperating with the Mueller investigation. See Mike Flynn's resounding "Lock her up." He is now an admitted felon and may serve s short stint in a "LOCK UP."  Although the extent of his cooperation will more likely lead to a suspended sentence with no "Lock UP" time.

The video is two minutes plus in run time and a good candidate for a skip through. However, it is the perfect depiction of the Trump campaign mantra which now may have a place in Ivanka Trump history.

Alas, a Chris Christie insemination which provides full impregnation of a mantra which resonates even today, at Trump rallies.  

American Oversight is reported to have filed a Freedom of information Act (FOIA) requests seeking email text between Trump's daughter and others who may have worked with a focus her father's campaign and the first months of his administration.   

It seems Trump's penchant for nepotism and an over-abundance of faith in and about his offspring ow places him in another level of hypocrisy.
while American Oversight packaged their request in two primary areas, it seems it leads to an unexpected but non-surprising snare: Illegal email use.  So, American Oversight sought:  
1) emails or texts between Ivanka Trump or anyone acting on her behalf and political appointees, and 
2) calendar entries for meetings between Ivanka Trump and political appointees. 
After a period of no response from agencies which received the FOIA requests American Oversight filed suit against five separate agencies. From that point allow me to turn the remainder of the details of the email discoveries to Oversight. See the linked Organization title above.  You will find actual exhibit copies of the specific email with minor redactions. 

Herewith is the first MSNBC show with an announcement of the illegal email use following a Washington Post article.  Ari Melber, The Beat. The video is a bit long, but remembers our credo: information takes time which LIVs (Low Information Voters) do not expend.

Now let's see how this week's Trump reality TV plays out.  It seems Trump's Finland's forest raking (management)  will ease into international history. 

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