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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: US Troops, Campaign Lies, And Your Tax Dollars

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MSNBC's Ali Velshi ad guest offers a fiscal look at the extent to which Trump and GOP campaign tactics impact the US Budget. Velshi introduces the segment as do most news producers via on-air personalities. "Trump's immigration policy..." I offer Trump doesn't actually have an immigration policy; a better way to view Trump's Neo-American xenophobia is to accept the GOP continues to use the issue of race, culture, and color as a campaign strategy.

Let's put Trump's Southern Border Strategy to an image which is as telling as Trump's comb-over.

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Imagine serving in the US Army and stationed at the US Southern border during the holiday season as a pawn for Trump "Immigration" policy.  We realize 5,000 pus US troops languishing on our Southern Border may not compare to the joy of your holiday season but think of the deployment in another perspective. Think in terms of fiscally conservative republicanism and the long gone past impetus (or supposed impetus) for your GOP vote.

And the money looks like this.


Move On dot org offers another perspective on the Trump campaign strategy.

If you need validation of the refugee migration (Vs the pejorative "caravan") as campaign fodder and a media cash cow, Quartz dot com published a detailed and revealing graphic.

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Another Quartz graphic.  October 2018 through the elections. 

As clear as the driven snow. 

While the New York Times and other press media have documented Trump as a serial liar (my words) at the level of over 6500 lies since taking office, a Politifact piece drives the point home. Politifact.

Trumps lying is apparently an accepted reality among his supporters and his lies are growing as a way of life for millions beyond his ravishing base. But should our troops and the US Deficit also suffer from the carnival-like manipulations of Trumpism?

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