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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: The Mystery Of The Five Dollar Lincoln Memorial Stamp

Related imageSocial media is an intriguing phenomenon. It offers major learning opportunities, major sales opportunities, and, major important, to reinforce the thought the United States is literally bubbling over with cognitively deficient people who use the media.

We also find occasional opportunity to research images as to origin and intent.  Yet, the research often fails to explain the "why."
Example, We ran across the following image about five days ago on Facebook. The image and its stampeded lettering entertained our inquisitive nature for about ten minutes with a guiding goal of why what for and who? If you would care to bundle our inquisitiveness they a simple WTF?

 So, we have a Five dollar bill.

If you do not have the Five dollar bill in your wallet or currency holder (if you are of that ilk), we offer a visual perspective.

Image result for five dollar bill We have the nation's 16th President and on the back of the currency, we find the Lincoln Memorial. 

 The red lettering stamp which is rumored to be a product on eBay. Let's check. Yes. it appears one can purchase a BRAND NEW stamp for $25.00.  The website Polybull has the items listed with a banner "Top Seller." It seems the item has been available for over a year with quite a few positive reviews.  But note those reviews show the item verbiage as such: 
"My President, Donald Trump, Lives Here! In the White House." Notice the comma.
Image result for donald trump lives here stamp 

Um, the commas (or lack thereof) place all sorts of meaning or lack of meaning related to the item. Let's explore just a bit.

As pictured above, the single comma sets up the message after a salutation which addressed it to someone (a mystical Mr. President). Conversely, the presence of a second comma after the word "Trump" would serve as a qualifier to any reader. A qualifier denoting Trump as President. Well, the second comma in the image is missing while the advertisement clearly shows the second comma with "Donald Trump" as a qualifier.  What happened?

Now for the much more salient point. The stamp in the hands of someone has its mark on the back of the Five dollar currency VS. the Twenty dollar currency which looks like this:

Image result for twenty dollar bill front and back Key point: White House is the official home of all elected US Presidents.

Before we move on, it should be noted Amazon also sells a version of the stamp without the words: " Mr. President."

Donald Trump Lives Here Stamp Traxx 9011 (Ideal 50 Size) USA Seller 

What are the options?
A.  Some have written the Five Dollar image can be traced to Russian Troll farms. 
B. We could have a case of utter ignorance and the reality the creator of the Five dollar images didn't have a $20 bill. Ignorance? Well, the Lincoln Memorial is clearly depicted in the image and it is possible some numbskull doesn't know the difference in the two  Washington DC buildings.  (Very very likely)
C.  A left-wing operative using the ignorance laden image to falsely poke criticism at Trump and one or more of his followers.
We may have to wait for Snopes to research this one, but we suspect there will be no more resolution than speculation. 

I place my bet on Item "B" above.

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