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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Stephen Moore False-Flags Deflation

Image result for the lying economistJust after Christmas (2018) CNN booked noted Heritage Foundation and Trump economist talking head Stephen Moore, to its airways to joust with Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell. The talk of the day was US inflation (opposed to "no-inflation") and Moore's claim of a current period of "deflation." 

Let's define Moore's use of the term to help with showing his continued lack of credibility on matters of the US economy. In fact, Moore has a history of contorting information to advance his usefulness as a far right-wing talking head (economist).  Even the most non-credible carnival barker has to earn a living, eh? 


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Jun 10, 2018 - Deflation is the general decline in prices for goods and services occurring when the inflation rate falls below 0%. Deflation happens naturally when the money supply of an economy is fixed. ... This is distinct from but similar to price deflation, which is a general decrease in the price level.

For those who prefer information from multiple sources, consider these links as we trod our way through deflation.

The Balance 

Deflation: Definition, Causes, Why It's Bad - The Balance

One Minute Economics

With the definition in hand or within easy reach via scrolling up for another review, let's take a look and listen to how Trumpism works. As you listen to Moore, it is important to keep in mind many people believe his flawed demagoguery and Trump without question loves it. 

"He who lives by the lie loves the lie."

The following segment is a bit long, but we must not let our tendency for quick gratification move us to the life of the (information deficient) LIV (Low Information Voter). We have enough LIVs in the nation who are supporters of GOP and Trump lies, the eight-minute video is the perfect example of how HIVs (High Information Voters) avoid the inherent dumbness of Trumpism.

The Raw Story offers an abbreviated transcript of the interchange.

As stated above Moore has a history of such "alternative facts" as coined by the Trump communications team.

In 2014, Moore's penchant for modifying reality riled the editors of the Kansas City Star.

There are a couple of standout issues with Moore's lies. He speaks to and for a segment of the population who has learned to embrace the lie as reality. A dangerous state of mind for a nation currently lead by a person with obvious issues surrounding incompetent self-centered leadership. Another issue; if CNN management knows Moore has a history of alternating facts why does the network pay him handsomely to appear on-air to facilitate the network's "do battle" broadcast model? Despite the fact I answered the last question within the confines of the question, CNN viewers shouldn't accept Moore's role in Trumpism. Actually, the network Should consider why even employ Moore. I am guessing the same reason it employs the likes of Rick Santorum. 

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