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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Fox News: Why Cancel An Anti-Nazi Ad?

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Let's start with a bit of deductive reasoning.

Image result for deductive reasoning I haven't developed a Syllogism, but nonetheless, follow my posit.
Donald Trump spends a good bit of his day absorbing Fox News entertainment.  
Fox News is the network of far-right conservatives and the viewing preference for Americans who embrace Trumpism as if it is a religion.  
Fox News is an entertainment network which purports to the moniker and promulgates all things Apple pie with network hosts who often use the word patriot while feeding viewers utter propaganda.
Wouldn't a credible news source welcome an opportunity for its viewers and the US President to see and hear an ad with an anti-Nazi message?
The answer is a deductive, "no." 

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While many articles have been written about Fox News and its seeming disdain for coverage issues of race from a neutral perspective and Bill O'Reilly (when employed at Fox) was over-the-top with his brand of racism, I offer a very basic example of Fox News's commitment for fostering white nationalism.

I offer the first 33 seconds of this video and former Fox News prime time host Megyn Kelly whitesplaining Santa Clause for some phantom set of child viewers.

For perspective here is a shorter version.

After a few days off and a return to the set on the following Monday, Kelly approached her on-air racism like only a Fox entertainment host would return. She followed what seemed a well planned and shoddily crafted response. A response which included mention of kids watching her show.  What Santa aged kids would be sitting in front of a TV set on a school night at 10:00PM EST watching he Kelly File? She mentioned tongue and cheek with a clear emphasis on "joked."  And she ended her five-minute response with a clear declaration of Fox as "...the powerful Fox News."  

Enough of our example of over-the-top racism followed by a spineless effort to cloak the Fox FUBAR with pure malarkey. Let's move to a much more recent example of Fox News as a conduit to social regression. 

Fox News management actually refused to air an anti-Nazi advertisement slated to run on Hannity's nightly Trump-feeding show. After the 30 second viewing, think about why such an ad would be banned from Fox. And then think about the psyche of its audience and the core of its mission.

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