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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Suspected Russian Internet Operatives Are Working to Affect Your Vote

A few weeks ago Democrat Party Presidential primary candidate, Elizabeth Warren, posted an on-camera communication event in the kitchen of her home. within a matter of hours, what you see below-found its way across the Internet, and onto the willing desks of Fox News host Tomi Lahren.

Image result for Elizabeth warren black statue

If you need a closer look, check it out via Snopes dot com.

To be even clearer:
VS. this...
Related image
Upon seeing the images, my perception of the image was a photoshopped copy. Warren not only wouldn't own such an item. Moreover, she nor anyone working a camera would allow it to become part of the video. My mind immediately moved to the obvious level of intellect imbued in the person who would create such a propaganda item and to create the item with such an obviously dumb effort to impart a message.

Suspicion was a plume. 

Suspicions based on years of watching such garbage serve as feed to American racist and those who are targets of political dirty tricks.  And deep down, my mind also went to Russian Internet operatives, as even the US right replete with racist galore would probably not create such a dumb depiction. 

Before moving to news of yesterday related to the probable source of the racist statue, here is a link to the Snopes review of the matter.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow hosted a segment about growing evidence of continued election tampering via Putin's Internet army.

The message is clear. Russians helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election; Putin's Internet army is again as busy as ever working to turn voters against top Democrat Party Primary candidates.

Television viewers, readers and partakers in US social media be aware.

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