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Sunday, March 31, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Cage Immigrants And Cut Aid While Fox Runs Interference

Check out the cheapest and most inhumane of Trump's people cages.

The embed above mentions El Salvador. recently Trump and his cabal cut aid to three Central American nations: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  The idiocy of the policy is beyond comprehension since aid to the three nations may well work to avoid more human beings seeking to enter the United States for humanitarian reasons.  Nonetheless, Trump policy as such serves to feed the twisted psyches of his supporters as well as ay well offer Trump a form of authoritarian euphoria while massages the minds and values of his advisers.

Policy is a component of governance, and leadership, which proliferates with communicates to those who support the leader. Trump's supporters probably don't need policy communications to facilitate acceptance of the policy. Nonetheless, Trump's number one cable news network, Fox News, is johnny-on-the-spot with broadcast only idiots could absorb.

First, pay close attention to this map.

Image result for mexico and central america map Focus your view south of Mecixo. 

If you fail to see the coming point, or if you know the coming point but feel others need a visual reminder, view this annotated map.

And, a little humor.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

With each map neatly tucked into your gray matter, watch and listen to Fox News feed its viewers, what can only be described as racist generalizations.  When I mentioned the word watch, I reference the graphic at the lower portion of the screen in the Fox News image. It should be noted, Fox & Friends is Trump's early morning news related viewing.

You might ask, why the harsh statement regarding racist generalizations.  Clearly, the policy relates to three nations which sit geographically south of the country of Mexico. Let's consider a few items. We should start with the reality the graphic wasn't created by a set intern.
A. Think of the mindset which would lead Fox to show producers to allow hosts to lump all brown people into a "Mexico" bundle if they are people from south of the US border. 
B Each of the three hosts in the video knows full-well Trump cut aid to three nations south of Mexico.  
C.  Think of the psyche (and possibly the intellect) of many Fox News viewers who feel the bundling is fine and well within the realm of acceptable racist generalizations.  In fairness, I should also allow for Fox viewers who do not know the distinction between Mexico and Central America.  
D. Think of Fox hosts and producers entertaining their number one Washington DC viewer. What better way to feed Trump's bigot button? Feed it via the use of the and Trump mantra: "Mexico". 
In any and call cases pathetic while lacing with pure racism. But, keep one major consideration in mind. Successful businesses thrive off giving their customers (viewers) what they want.

After sitting through the Fox New segment, how easy for viewers to reinforce their support for caging human beings while satisfying their innate need for personal feeding their bigotry. do you think for one second Fox News viewers, and for that matter, the citizenry of this nation would stand for watching white immigrants caged and treated as such.

Recall this? Ellis Island and European Immigrants.
Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island Related image

Related image Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island

As the nation moved towards World War II, immigrants of Jewish refugees escaping sure death in Europe also found one case which ended in tragedy.

Image result for US refused german immigrants returned to germany

Wonder how many of the returned refugees died in concentration camps?

UPDATE: It appears Fox News has "apologized" for the graphic. Is the apology comparable to a judge telling the jury they can't consider evidence which could clearly indicate guilt but for some reason is inadmissible to the proceedings? The message with all impact was delivered ad cognitively absorbed.  Give the customer what they want.

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