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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Trump Devolving In The White House

It is time for a poignant quick hit.  Imagine what follows from a US president.

Imagine this?
You may have thought my major contempt was Trump's obvious overuse of profanity (in all caps min you). No, my focus is on the prospect of a so-called college graduate, or for that matter, a high schooler would go inverse with his claim of a total victory.

223-306?   Well, name one person you know, or any person you recall who places the losing or lowest nominal number in the first position when resenting a win.  Think hard now.

I doubt you can come- up with anyone outside of visual fantasy.  Of course, if you are a Trump sycophant you will conjure up a name to make yourself feel better about the tweet.

UPDATE: how about a bit more from your president?

Who is sick?

What follows is a bit long If you skip through the 40-minute video you will find clear indications Trump has many issues and none of which are good for the nation.

President Trump Hosts The President Of Finland At The White House

All the while Trump's international partner Putin apparently joked about Russian interference in the coming US elections.

Even after US INTEL credibly confirmed Russian interference in the 2016 elections. 

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