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Sunday, November 3, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Boos?

...Yes, of course, the World Series Game 5 boos were a one-off anomaly. Bu, bu, bu, but the UFC? 

“To successfully create illusion, the first thing you need is trust, but to perfect an illusion, the false reality most (must) appear as authentic as the one it hides. Careful attention must be paid to every detail. The slightest of imperfections can, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion . . . and the truth behind the illusion becomes revealed.” 
― Emily Thorne
Have you ever experienced a false reality when you were wide awake?  Did you recognize hat false reality was centered around a lie? Humans actually do not experience false realities unless the reality is conjured up in a person's brain.  

Herewith is a humorous example of how one human being dealt with a form of false reality (based in a lie). A false reality (granted) induced by mission-related subterfuge, yet nonetheless a false reality.

And then there is the matter of Trump venturing outside of his red state rallies replete with boos...and cheers.  Can you recall ever hearing boos for a US President at a public appearance?  

Before we move to a series of recorded boos, let's explore Trump's media relations strategy.

Donald J. Trump
Trump's elder son took the mind-altering lie to another level with a bit of Trumpian profanity to boot.
Ok "don't believe your ears" strategy aside, now for a few Madison Square Garden clips. 
Andy Richter
Maybe one day the nation will be rid of the PT Barnum reality twisting Trump's.

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