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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Black Lives Matters' Shaun King Object Of Conservative Yellow Journalism

At age 14
  Shaun King: ‘White man on my birth certificate is not my biological father’ 

Earlier today, I published this piece. It seems the flak is just starting to flow. And, the flak is "point-on". We are accustomed to Fox News taking its stories from the proven "yellow journalism" of Breitbart News. Now, we have CNN joining in the shark feast, while offering as shoddy a case of broadcasting as one can conjure-up. 

Why is Don Lemon so frequently at the center of the CNN Circus?  Well, yes of course, CNN is like Fox North when it comes to African-American on-air personalities. Who else would get the "fake black guy" story? His broadcast regarding a conversation he purports to have conducted with Shaun King was utter distasteful, ridiculous and virtually something akin to a "National Enquirer " article.  King's story is his story and no one had a right to invade his birthright personal experience.  Moreover, why couldn't someone stop shy of the American reality of "attributing the child to another man" to make life more comfortable and possibly much more smooth.  Let's face it the white mother and the African-American child is still not even close tolerant acceptance by all. King's mother made a choice, and after many years, her son's bucking the system, conservative media (especially CNN) virtually persecuted the man into figurative submission.

If you visited the link in the lede paragraph above, you saw raw American race baiting submission, and it is ugly.  

Media Matters has provided a though provoking probe into the "Whys" of the public persecution of the young activist.
A Black Lives Matter activist is now being forced to justify his race after national media fell for a false story fueled by Breitbart News, a conservative website with a history of reporting falsities.
An August 19 article on Breitbart News hyped "explosive new racial allegations" against Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, citing a June 29 post on Re-NewsIt!, a blog that appears to primarily conduct opposition research on black victims of crime, to assert that King misrepresented himself as black when he is actually white. Right-wing media seized on the story, and Breitbart News repeatedly claimed that King "has been lying to the public about his race" and "has two white parents" listed on his birth certificate.  
In an article titled "Why White People Seek Black Privilege," Breitbart's Ben Shapiro asserted that King "demonstrates one undeniable fact: being black in American in 2015 is perceived as a status symbol and an advantage."  
National media including Fox News and CNN highlighted the allegations against King, parroting Breitbart News despite its history of false reporting.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Levi Pettit: The Best Press Conference Money Can Buy!

When asked where he learned the now famous "No Nigger in SAE chant," Levi Pettit avoided the question with perfect iteration of public relations scripted lingo. 
I’m not here to talk about where I learned the chant or where it was taught. I’m here to apologize for what I did,” Pettit said.
Whatever we do, fall on our sword, but do not snitch up the ladder. Watch the first 1:30 minutes of the following video and see how well coached "crisis strategists" handle their wealthy clients. The PR firm doesn't work with the egregious young offender on the full scope of his words, the PR firms sends him in front of a mic with a  in a semi circle ring of camera eager black faces for Pettit to do this! Remember, only the first 1:40 has major relevance. The interview with the young Oklahoma student was a serious waste of airtime. Linked here....

You had to know the chant was not taught and learned in a drunken stupor in the Frat House. You also knew the lil ol lady House Mom didn't drill the SAE boys in the chant. No, deep down you and I both knew the probable genesis of the racist instruction: deep rooted culture and probably a matter of fraternity orientation. Is this what many some in America do when out of public scrutiny and when encapsulated in a self-imposed environment void of diversity beyond difference in hair and eye color?

SAE Fratboys Learned Racist Chant from National Leadership Cruise

The University of Oklahoma made public the result of their investigation into a racist chant sung by the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, specifically answering the question: Where on earth did they learn a chant that referenced lynching in 2015?
Turns out, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon learned their headline-making chant while on a national leadership cruise retreat, then brought it back to OU and taught to pledges, where it ended up on that bus and on the infamous video. 
According to KOCO, OU President David Boren said that while the chant was “widely known” among the members of the fraternity, there was no evidence that the chant was formally taught by the frat. 
The chant’s lyrics, which contain the n-word and referred lynching, went viral after someone secretly filmed members singing it on a bus. SAE was banned from campus and two of the men on the bus were subsequently expelled from campus.
Notably, the SAE national headquarters shut down the OU chapter after the video went viral, saying that they were “not only shocked and disappointed but disgusted by the outright display of racism displayed in the video,”
[Image via screenshot]


How really fun is it to wallow in "white privilege" so encompassing it becomes an expected item of compliance and participation in order to a privileged social group. In much more simple terms, it becomes culture. 

Do you recognize the deeper meaning of the OU Bus chant. It exemplifies the unquestionable existence of more perverse racism that manifest many forms. The chant was taught and learned. Bigotry and racism engulfs and absorb into the human being in the very same manner. It is taught and it is learned and it is shared. More often then most realize it spreads like an undercover fraternity bound. And, for those who do not comply or acquiesce, well in many cases we find various forms of "nigger lover" or to a lesser degree the "uncool" and there is always that significant behavior changer: ostracizing.

Fortunately there are those in America who abhor behavior as perpetrator on the OU bus. The person who took the video and reported the obscene exhibition was obviously cut from a different mold.

No, I do not find Pettit's staged and very public apology commensurate with the full scope of his indiscretion. It was a PR laden exhibition and it was wrought with lies. Do you seriously believe he did not know those words were wrong?  How about not knowing the full impact of the word or act of lynching? On the other hand I am deeply moved and impressed with the words spoken by the OU president.


Thursday, January 15, 2015


In March of 2013, RNC Chair Reince Priebus spoke before an audience a the national Press Club in Washington DC. The RNC filled the room with sophism after sophism delivering a new media message to peel who could not give a damn about his words. Hardcore GOP (ers) know they care nothing about diversity and inclusion. One has to only watch GOP efforts to suppress the African-American vote to see non-whites are diametrically opposite the core views of the GOP. 

PHOTO: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, March 18, 2013.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, March 18, 2013.
Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo

Priebus spoke his sophism reportedly based on the results of an "exhaustive" study called the,  "Growth and Opportunity Project,"  

On March 18, 2013,  wrote about Priebus's "autopsy" for ABC News. It should be noted an autopsy is an after death procedure.  While, you and I know the GOP is death incarnate, Priebus might have better moniker-ed his rhetoric with the word "Lobotomy." 

Chairman Reince Priebus said he wanted the report, or autopsy, to be "honest" and "raw," stressing the message of inclusion to Americans who might not be on board with all the party's policies. 
"Our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren't inclusive; we were behind in both data and digital; our primary and debate process needed improvement," Priebus said of Mitt Romney and the GOP's 2012 loss. "There's no one solution. There's a long list of them."
Excerpt (including a major sophism)
"To be clear, our principles our sound, our principles are not old rusty thoughts in some book," Priebus said, but the "report notes the way we communicate our principles isn't resonating widely enough." 
Priebus added: "I think our policies are sound, but I think in many ways the way we communicate can be a real problem." 
When speaking to a Republican audience with a core of not bucking the system and only pricing quiet non-public descent, Priebus could pull-off his sophism. Think for a moment about this claim:
"I think our policies are sound, but I think in many ways the way we communicate can be a real problem."  
Which policies? Economic Polices? Where is the evidence of "sound economic policy. Do you recall this from 2008:
"Fundamentals of (the US) Economy Are Strong"

And, McCain spoke during a period when the US economy was in utter collapse!
Did Priebus refer to "sound policy" regarding (child-bearing and unmarried) Women's Rights, LGBT Rights, Civil Rights? No need to provide visual evidence to the contrary, you and I both know the truth. I suggest Priebus's sophism regarding social policy was tainted for his conservative audience.

A few specific areas of report improvements include:
".....extensive outreach to women, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and gay voters. Among the plans: hiring paid outreach staffers across the country in a $10 million push that begins right away; backing "comprehensive immigration reform"; abbreviating the presidential primary process with fewer debates, specifically saying the party would like at least half the 20 there were during the 2012 cycle."
Is there any need to comment on what you just read? 

If you want a stellar example of why so many Right-wing politicians and officials live in world that sees only good in white Americans, you might want to give a may 2014 piece in (get this name) The American Renaissance. As I perused the piece, my leading thought was, "Pity the black person who has to rely on this guy for legal consultation or representation. " 

It seems without any degree of self-refection, the writer doesn't see himself as a racist who probably cares very little about truly representing his clients. His perception of his clients may very well exist as jaded based on experience, but one has to question his motive in committing obvious contempt for a people. After questioning the writers motive, it is impossible to proceed past the reality of a lawyer who never attempted to intervene against a racial paradigm often instilled in his childhood. Read the following if you wish to understand the full extent of why many people fail to trust the American Judicial System and read if you want to see what I would cal 'learned racism' at its most heinous.

Confessions of a Public Defender

Michael Smith, American Renaissance, May 9, 2014

Now, a look at how the GOP official Tweeted to his connections and maybe even publicly.
MLIVE Agema.jpg

GOP leadership is moving towards removing the racist official from his post as Michigan GOP national committeeman. His removal, while note-worthy, is a minor surgery in a conservative world that shows as needing major surgery up to and including replacement parts; better yet a lobotomy.  
Additional resources related to the GOP's need for a major overhaul, a conservative blogger's perceptive and a link to the MLIVE piece.

Before we move away for this piece "lest we forget" Steve Scalise and his 2002 speaking engagement with white supremacists.

Lindsey Graham's Meme (above)..."We beg to differ!" 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The US Economy And November Jobs Report

A few days ago, I published a piece related to the November Jobs Report. The piece included the latest evidence of economy mending from years of Trickle-down economics, the deleterious effect of Republican "Free Markets; No Regulation," and mending from being "Bush'd."

The following graphic excerpts are embeds from the piece. 

Unemployment dropped as the months passed into Post Bush US History. 

While most progressive news viewers have seen the following two minute segment from the Rachel Maddow Show, I think it worthy of posting for others to view. The segment is only 2:02 minutes in duration, but thoroughly nails the common thinking on the improving US economy.

I will again remind you..the GOP has done absolutely nothing to help improve the US economy. In fact, GOP members Congress (to the elected official) have over the past six years worked against the Obama Administrations efforts to improve our economy.

Yet, many of your handed the GOP the US Congress along with pathetic Progressives, Liberals an Independents who simply did not vote'

The Rachel Maddow Show.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Message From Anonymous To The Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK

View this content on The Daily Dot's website
DOXing anyone?

Early today, I ran this piece.

The piece in some way relates to the appearance of an alleged KKK leader on the Chris Hayes's ALL In (Wednesday last week). Hayes with supposed good intentions allowed another far right zealot to monopolize an interview while spewing Robes and Hoods of KKK lies and misinformation.  

"Ferguson protests ‘have awakened a sleeping giant,"  the KKK leader stated.

One example of the supremacist's misinformation was as follows. "Police officers are getting calls with threats to rape their wives."  

While I recognize the genesis of the comment and its purpose, I question the wisdom of an MSNBC host and production staff in allowing the level of disgust normally reserved for the Rush Limbaugh Show. Let's think outside of the box for a moment. Do you really believe any protesters (the majority of whom are black) would call any cop and threaten to rape his wife? There isn't a black man in the Solar System would hold stop to such a level of poor judgment.

The comment was typical KKK rhetoric for the ears of people who subscribe to white supremacist ideology or the comment was to "grease the skids" of people who are gullible enough to believe such an insane assertion. It was a racist remark!

Yet, the interview yielded on critical piece of information for those how possess the interest and wherewithal to fight white supremacy. The KKK leader stupidly indicated his "friends" (members) have associates in local law enforcement. The mental constipation and oral diarrhea of the leader has apparently resulted in reports of one cop suffering a suspension

While Anonymous may have been previously "all over" Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK, the timing of what was to come seems to have garnered inertia from the Hayes interview.

As reported in previous pieces and linked above, Anonymous has not only taken over the KKK chapters website. it has divulged names and faces from Twitter pages and Anonymous has issued a statement in responses to comments from some KKK members about the hacktivist group.

Embedded image permalink

The statement...
Embedded image permalink
We will report on this battle as we secure additional report-able material. Let's be honest while under tragic circumstance is far more fun than observing the GOP sf Blue Dog Democrats vs the Administration.

A little Icing on the cake from Anonymous....


Friday, October 24, 2014

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Criticizes Obama; Milt Shook Provides Real Perspective

Criticizes Obama, laughs based on a flawed poll and shows signs of an affinity for Ran Paul.

As MSNBC moves farther towards a conservative and Libertarian political lean, the informed voter must seek reliable information while leaving the media darlings to their celebrity. 

Take a few minutes to see exactly why US media is literally walking the nation back into the greedy and incompetent arms of the GOP. The perfect example is the increasing anti-Obama segments broadcast on MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball. 

If you are a progressive, the five minute segment is a horrific as it gets. Watch (below) as Matthews leads his seemingly conservative panel in literal laughter when mention of "the country on the right track" worked into the discussion (1:00 minute mark). Matthews also asked the panel questions that show support what I perceive as neo-affinity for Rand Paul. He literally asked one panelist if President Obama would "actually lead in his last two years in office." As matter of over-kill. Matthews frames a question with seemingly disparaging remarks about Obama as a professor with sub-group disparaging "Law professor."

Matthews actually used data from a Politico/GfK poll. In addition to data showing media polls as less accurate, GfK has a history of inaccurate polling and polling with a major slant right. 

Allow an example.

AP/GfK: Flawed And Conservative Survey Company Reports Only 26% Support ObamaCare   (Excerpt)

My past experience with AP/GfK was along this line. As we approached the 2012 General Election, I ran across this headline:
"Majority Harbor Prejudice towards blacks."  

Now, why do you think such a headline would attract my interest? May I suggest,  if you are a normal person with any interest beyond sitting each day watching six different TV judge shows, or flipping between various mindless reality shows (including various derivatives of talent panel contests), the headline should have piqued your interest.

My askance and curiosity took me a few steps farther. The following is an except from a piece I wrote after reading the October 2012 headline posted above. The TPI AP/GfK piece is long. Out of respect for your time and possible lack of deep interest in the genesis of the headline, I am posting a Awesome Screenshot Capture &Annotate image below the table box (below). 

TPI (October 2012)
If you never reviewed poll data, you have to give a look at the AP/GfK Poll  data released just a few days before the November 6th Elections. The poll's major tickler was, a "Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks".   [See Link above]
Page 33 of the Growth for Knowledge (GfK) poll reads like this (Key Demographic data):

The TPI link provided in the table will take you to even more startling and ridiculous survey findings related to perceptions of candidate religion. The 1,071 survey respondents (predominately white and from the South) seem to have been comprised of a potential respondent pool stacked for achievement of desired results. The headline:"Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks,";was both indicative of what many should consider flawed survey administration via 
GfK, and indicative of the dangers of subsequent headlining via media or political operatives.

But more than two-thirds distrust polls conducted by political parties or candidates and automated telephone surveys. Media polls fall in the middle, with somewhat more distrusting than trusting.  Note: the "News media" category below.
2013-09-04 Which polls do people trust
Nate Silver looked at which polls scored best coming out of the 2012 elections. His review also included look and reporting of poll bias. If you look about midway through the table below you will find AP/GfK; you will quickly notice the AP/GfK poll has a strong bias to the Republican Party. You may also notice GfK uses the very survey methodology shown by Silver as biased towards the Republican Party with moderate margins of error.
The New York Times 538 Blog  
"Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race"Excerpt
We can also extend the analysis to consider the 90 polling firms that conducted at least one likely voter poll in the final three weeks of the campaign. One should probably not read too much into the results for the individual firms that issued just one or two polls, which is not a sufficient sample size to measure reliability. However, a look at this broader collective group of pollsters, and the techniques they use, may tell us something about which methods are most effective.
You Gov Dot Com
Figure 1 below shows the point estimates (and reported margins of error) for final national polls from different polling organizations for the Obama share of the national major party vote. The final YouGov poll, released on Sunday November 4, based on 36,472 interviews of likely voters between October 31 and November 3, had Obama at 48.5 percent, Romney at 46.5 percent, other candidates at 2.3 percent, and the remaining 2.7 percent of voters undecided. This translates into a 51.1 percent share of the national major party vote for Obama. As of this writing, the Associated Press reports that the Obama share of the national two party vote was 51.0 percent, so the YouGov estimate had an error of less than 0.1 percent. Two other polling organizations also pegged the Obama lead at two percent.

A few words about AP/GfK. Any polling authority would publish a survey with results indicating a "Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks," and show respondent demographic data with southern while males are the predominant data source, shouldn't be considered reporting.

Mattews? The Hardball host was noticeably absent in criticism of Rand Paul through the full scope of Paul's plagiarism. He has even intimated that Paul was a 'watcher' for 2016. The old school former progressive, Matthews, seems to have joined the neo-libertarian, Chris Hayes, ALL IN, in on-air complements and nascent affinity for GOP quacks. 

Image via FireShot Screen Capture

From the 47 second mark to the 59 second mark on the video below, you have cause for my increasing disdain for Chris Hayes and a couple of additional quasi-liberal MSNBC hosts (include Chris Matthews and Steve Kornacki).
When progressive media hosts audition for GOP campaign soundbites and video, I find ti contemptible.  While, criticism is appropriate where and when it is due, MSNBC seems to reach for viewers well outside the reality of its potential audience. When a supposed progressive host induces laughter regarding the state of the nation and literally exhorts a guest to take shots at the Democrat president, the network moves farther away from my viewing interest.

As MSNBC management has changed my news viewing habits. US media and some polling authorities have provided much more time to actually perform research on issues critical to life as an informed voter.

There are few sources more reliable and timely than Milt Shook and his PCTC Blog. 

Read more after the break

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jon Stewart On Fox And Ferguson With Salon And Joan Walsh As A BackDrop

Ferguson’s booming white grievance industry: Fox News, Darren Wilson and friends

White defenders of officer Darren Wilson are raising money by slandering Mike Brown, with some help from Fox News

(Piece linked via title above ...good read)

Now I know why I haven't run across video of Jon Stewart's take of coverage of the Mike Brown murder in Ferguson Missouri; Stewart has been on vacation.  Fox News coverage mirrors the sentiment of a minority in the nation: "Brown was a big kid who (allegedly ) stole from a Quick Trip, and was a candidate for shooting."

If you have four minutes, I offer the perfect example. We apologize in advance for featuring a segment with one of Fox News's most "dingle-berry" host, but it is what it is and the reason Fox has Doocy on air.

Media Matters

If that wasn't enough to pique your interest in the propaganda of "white grievance," Salon offers a cogent screed related to the extent to which 'white defense' and rationalization" on behalf of the executing officer.

Media Matters has reported on the lack of veracity of the following image of one Internet blogger.  The image is supposedly an image of Darren Wilson's "broken eye-socket." After some very basic sleuthing, the image was found to have origin in Iowa. Ferguson is in Missouri.  Take a look.


Then we saw right-wing blogger Jim Hoft, named “the dumbest man on the Internet” by Media Matters, peddling a phony X-ray or CT scan purporting to show that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket scuffling with Brown. Unfortunately, a little sleuthing revealed the image in question came from a facility at the University of Iowa and had nothing to do with the Ferguson case. Oops. Of course Fox ran with the story, but ABC News also reported that Wilson had suffered a “serious facial injury,” claiming its own local source.


Did you notice above efforts, via redaction,to either comply with HIPAA laws or efforts to hide the true origin of the image? In either, case the blogger referred to by Media Matters as: “the dumbest man on the Internet”, published an outright lie that led to days of argument and comment about Wilson phony damaged eye-socket.

CNN eventually reported their was no damage to Wilson's eye socket. And, we will leave that point right there. We will leave with a question why do so many on the Right literally lie, and why do so many on the Right accept the lies without question?

Back to Jon Stewart and his take of Fox News coverage of the past two weeks and the aftermath of a literal murder perpetrated by a cop.

Does anyone on the Right recognize, their media lies on a daily basis. If conservative media (especially internet social media) lies and national media follows the lie. The same people will lie about anything and everything to secure the vote. If they lie with the ultimate mission proliferation a nation in their image, does anyone question what conservative politicians have done to the nation over the past 60 years?