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Friday, September 29, 2017

Air Force Academy General Addressed: " Go Home N_ _ gger:

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“go home n**ger.”

Another reminder of the United States under Donald Trump. An educated member of the US Air Force Academy found an opportunity to express his or her inner core values regarding race.

You might ask, how did the military or the Superintendent of the Academy handle the matter.  Lt. Gen, Jay B. Silvera immediately addressed the matter with his Academy student body, and he did so in a manner not shared by the current Commander In Chief. 
"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect--then you need to get out."
Leadership is a requisite behavior when faced with forces which wish to return the nation to its ugly days of 1950 back through US slavery.  

As a matter of intervention, the general should embark on an investigation to ferret out the racist in his ranks. A few interviews with barracks mates of the victim will yield names of those who entertained themselves with core values probably taught via their parents and social environment as the person grew to maturity.