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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

Pro Publica repost

'Both Sides' of Slavery Argument Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

"It's irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous."

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly appearing on Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News on Monday, October 30, 2017. (Photo: Fox News/Screengrab)
Those who have repeatedly tried to dispell the myth—popular in some circles—that White House chief of staff John Kelly is somehow a "moderating force" on President Donald Trump are being widely vindicated after his appearance Monday night on the show of right-wing firebrand Laura Ingraham in which the former U.S. Marine general argued that it was "lack of ability to compromise" that led to the Civil War as he praised Robert E. Lee as a "noble man" and offered a very Trumpian "both sides" argument about the conflict that erupted centrally over the nation's institution of slavery.

As the New York Times observed, reaction to the comments was "swift and unforgiving, with many commenters ridiculing Mr. Kelly for suggesting that slavery was an issue on which a compromise could or should have been reached."
Chief of Staff John 
@Kelly pushing white supremacist talking points around Confederate statues. 11:26 PM - Oct 30, 2017
For another example, a forthright and unapologetic Eleanor Sheehan put it for Splinter News, "Gen. John Kelly, President Trump's current chief of staff and onetime media hopeful to steer the sinking ship that is the White House, continues to suck."

Walter Shaub, who served as the director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics before resigning in protest this summer, wrote on Twitter that, "It appears John Kelly is going as a racist for Halloween. I suspect he's also going as one for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday..."

Bernice King, a minister and the youngest child of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., also spoke out:
Be A King
It’s irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous. …11:38 PM - Oct 30, 2017
The Intercept's Jon Schwarz, who wrote this scathing takedown of Kelly nearly two weeks ago, chimed in as well:

I'm glad I got ahead of the curve and wrote about what an ugly human being John Kelly is ten days ago


It Didn’t Just Start Now: John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully

In that piece, Schwarz observed that even as "Kelly may be personally far more palatable" than Trump, "there’s a reason these two men found each other."
Kelly, he wrote, is "proudly ignorant, he's a liar, and he's a shameless bully and demagogue."
And the president and his chief of staff, Schwarz concluded, "see the world in fundamentally the same way, and Kelly is going to help Trump do what he wants to it."


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Steven Seagal To Join Edward Snowden In Love With Russia

Isn't the conservative mind a wasteland. If Seagal feels so lovingly towards Putin, He should migrate and his citizenship should be taken away.

Maybe, one day he will see the root cause of his consternation. And, it is not simply Obama's policies. 

Steven Seagal favors Putin over Obama and says he may emigrate to Russia (via Raw Story )
Action movie star Steven Seagal said in an interview with the Moscow Times that he is in favor of Russia’s military action in Crimea and that he may someday emigrate to the former Soviet Union. According to Atlantic magazine’s The Wire blog, Seagal…


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elizabeth Warren: Government Shutdown And A Senator Who Works For The People And For The Nation

The current budget/debt kerfuffle in Washington DC is starting to have impact in each segment of the nation and impact on each of us as a people. The GOP charged into a battle they could not win!  Party leadership (including eight month Senator Ted Cruz) decided to take the nation hostage via saber-rattling on defunding the Affordable Care Act. It is obvious the strategy did not provide desired results. But, the 113th Congress is in session, never fret, they simply changed the marching orders. The GOP has again taken the nation hostage via denial of raising the debt ceiling. Take a look at market performance in 2011 after John Boehner cowered to his 'red meat' tea party caucus and backed out of a debt ceiling deal with President Obama.

Notice the DIJA as President Obama took office in the winter of 2009 and the impact of the Stimulus starting in March/April 2009, and Dow performance through the late summer and fall of 2011. The GOP "rebel yell" as we moved through the summer of 2011 was, "Shut-er-down." 


Video highlight of longstanding intent to shutdown the federal government:

Pence March 2011.....The Party is over for liberals in Washington DC..."Shut it down."

2011 video montage...."Shut it down."

McConnell, Mike Lee and others ..."Shut it down."
The shut down is critical to national health and it is being "played" as a form of sport for uber wealthy conservatives via their elected minions.

The debt ceiling relates to money we owe our creditors. While calling the process "debt ceiling" probably confuses people, the process is integral to our national well-being. Hell, the name must also mislead GOP politicians; they seem to view the process as a form of political campaign. The party on the Right has bantered shutting down the government since the first debt limit increase request after President Obama took office. 

As a world leader we must pay our debts in order to maintain "full faith and credit" of the nation.  "Full faith and credit" is far more serious matter than who sits in the White House or which party has a majority in the chambers of congress.

  1. Definition

    An unconditional commitment to pay interest and principal on debt, usually issued or guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury or another government entity.

The New York Times recently published a piece related to Koch brothers partnering with Ed Meese on obstruction to Obamacare. It is important to note, after the fight against Obamacare moved to third tier after the October 1st, ACA enrollment period commenced. The level of interest in the ACA, may have provided a beacon of light for the GOP. We should also not overlook polls indicating major dissatisfaction with holding the economy hostage over the ACA. In any case GOP has nonchalantly moved their hostage taking to the debt ceiling and rumor has it, nipping at entitlement programs, again. 

Newly elected Senator Elizabeth warren addressed the pending Government shutdown in a most direct manner. A manner very uncharacteristic for a sitting senator: she named names!  Watch at the 4:00 minute mark of the following video.

Senator Warren breaks the Washington DC protocol mold, now doesn't she?