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Monday, March 3, 2014

Limbaugh Has Issues With The Academy Awards And This Years "Best Picture"

It should have been anticipated. Limbaugh has issues with the Academy Award of Best Picture to "12 Years A Slave." 


I ran into the indented text below on Facebook earlier today.  Opinions are great. We are fortunate to have opportunity to deliver them and even more fortunate to have opportunity to share them. Now, while the business of the Academy Awards is something I hold in contempt based in my refusal to partake in any form of  "'star-worship," I recognize others differ and find the arena comparable to the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup or the World Series.   

Basically, if I provide them millions via aggregate ticket sales, I will be damned if celebrities will occupy me in any other way. Entertain me for millions (in return), but no award worship for this curmudgeon. 

Upon hearing that "12 Years A Slave" won the Award for Best Picture, I seriously anticipated comment. Of course, I will admit to being a bit remiss in anticipating the reaction of the guttural Limbaugh. I expected more like the following:

Gravity was an extraordinary film, but I could have bet you money that it wouldn't win Best Picture and Sandra Bullock would not win best actress. There is a political nature to who and what wins, and they were not politically in the running.
"A political nature to who and what wins, and they were not politically in the running."

Interesting. The movie Gravity was a cinematic feat, much like Avatar. The movie, on the other hand, seemed to fall way shy of a Best Picture and, it darn sure did not warrant Bullock nor Clooney as "Best" anything.  Clooney's " I know you love me," (paraphrased) lines were anticipated and fit well within the Clooney mystique. But, Best Picture?   Before I move to Limbaugh, let me say I rarely miss a Bullock Movie and I never miss a Clooney movie, so there.

Limbaugh? Can you recall the word "slavery" used nearly as much as since the Inauguration of Barack H. Obama in January 2009. By inference, it is not the Left who has grab the institution of human bondage and early capitalism gone wild, for headlines, 'dog whistles' and "red meat." While I personally do not understand the affinity, I am also not a conservative with membership in a party that is 92% white. So, the affinity is beyond my comprehension other than as identified above: fodder for the feeble-minded.

The Raw Story 

.....and Limbaugh (an ideology leader of a party that has voter suppression of African-Americans as a political strategy.)

Rush Limbaugh: ’12 Years A Slave’ only won an Oscar because slave is a ‘magic word’ (via Raw Story )
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday said that the reason that the film “12 Years A Slave” won best picture was because “it had the magic word in the title: slave.” On his Monday radio show following Sunday night’s 86th Academy…