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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Shrinklng US Government And Those Who Refuse Reality

In a piece published earlier today, John Liming via The American Liberal Times reminds us of the shrinking US Government.   Despite constant right-wing rhetoric about "Big Government" and out of control deficits, President Obama presses-on with shrinking government spending and size of government.  An intriguing and revealing reality: Obama doesn't bother to toll his own bell regarding our shrinking federal government.  

Before we move this piece to The American Liberal Times, we thought we would add a couple of graphic representation of data that validates our shrinking federal government. There are many more such images.  The data is out there and the Obama Administration knows 'high information' people know the truth. The very sad part of that dynamic, we have 47% of the voting public who are either 'low information' people or they are blinded by American conservatism and do not care about the truth.


The American Liberal Times...

Federal Government Is Shrinking Under Obama!


Here is an item that should set some Right Slobs to chewing on their left-over socks!
It seems that despite all the noise and fluff from the far right extreme in American Politics – - the Obama Haters and all the rest of them – - the Federal Government has actually been shrinking in size ever since Obama took office.
Isn’t that kinda like what the righties are always clamoring for?  Isn’t that the ideal all of them aspire to for the country?
If President Obama is shrinking the size of government then what in the Hell are the right-turds who oppose his policies so strongly talking about?  If he is doing what they have always wanted, what is their gripe with him?
Read it and weep, right-wads – -  HERE.
Posted by John on 8/27/2013