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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

State Of The Union: A National Embarrassment (Fact Checks)

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Of course, I didn't spend one second of last night on Trump's Stage of the Union (SOTU) performance. I have heard it ran close to one and a half hours, and from today's reporting was laced with lies truth-stretching and other Trumpism. Correction, there was a new twist to the first Trump SOTU. He gave himself applause along with his GOP members of Congress. The visual. 

Let's take Trump's recent mantra regarding "black unemployment" as it was bundled into other comments which seem to touch on issues important to minorities.

Many fact checks exist on the day after the SOTU. Last night MSNBC offered a short fact check within an hour of Trump leaving the House Chamber.

I have anxiously awaited the Politifact fact-check which follows. We offer the Politifact Truth-O-Meter (or lack thereof in Trump's case).
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When added to the Politifact Trump File, the life of Trump in the White House looks as such.

False statements every four and a half minutes throughout the SOTU. 

Another perspective on Trump's SOTU performance:

As was the case with Bill Clinton and issues outside of his marriage. As was the case of Trump and his history of sleaze, we also knew that Trump was a serial liar who also avoid fraud trials via settling out of court. But I will wager no one knew the extent of his affliction of lying (itis). Yet, it is all much more serious than Trump's pathological lying. 

Trump could serve as a conduit to a state of fascism very much akin to international leaders and regimes he seems to hold in high grace and fondness. If you tend to disagree, watch closely his public affinity for the leaders of Russia, Turkey, and the Philippines. High information Voters (HIVs) are immune from Trumpism as their scope of and quest for, knowledge span outside of total belief in and devotion to Trump and Trump TV (AKA Fox News and Sinclair News) and radio media. The conduit is Trump reach and fissures in the minds and psyches of people who are the antithesis of the HIV; the LIV (Low Information Voter). Therein lies the danger. A danger which without questions past dictators and mental ill national leaders use to affect a subservient populace willing to accept any acts from the leader.

Here are a couple of links to additional observation and comment regarding Trump's SOTU:


Monday, January 29, 2018

Trump's Lies About the Economy and "Black Unemployment"

"The economy was collapsing faster than it did during the Great Depression. The month I took office, we lost 800,000 jobs. One of the things I'm proudest about is the fact that, within a year, we actually had the economy growing again." President Barack Obama.
Micro Trends Down Jones Industrial average 2007 to January 26, 2018. If you click the first link only do so if you are psychologically prepared to see the post-Bush Sub Prime Bubble (post-Obama Stimulus) upwards DIJA performance. If you wish to remain in the Trump carnival closet via believing Trump has done wonders for the US economy, you should not click the Micro Trends link. Living as a HIV (high information voters) requires avoidance and resistance to Trump's rhetoric feed for his LIVs (low information voters and frequent purchasers of his carnival tickets).

Trump's lie will be front and center of his State of the Union Address tomorrow night.
Interesting, Joe Scarborough, MSNBC Morning Joe host and former member of the GOP (and conservative) also address Trump's "black unemployment" lies. 
The claim of Trump serving as a messiah for black unemployment is as ridiculous as Trump saying he cares about the Dreamers. It doesn't take an Albert Einstein to understand improvements in the US economy means a higher employment rate for all demographic segments of the population.    

We digress in closing to make a point about Trump loyalist.

While related to another topic, let's take one last glimpse of how Trump's minions view the man.  After all, you have read and heard about Trump's personal sleaze, allegations of collusion with Putin to win in 2016,  his permanent state of golfing Vs leading, and the numerous cases of termination from the White House, there are people who still figurative purchase his carnival tickets.  How about the question of Trump as a role model for our children?

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Trump And His Great "Black Unemployment" Lie

So, Donald Trunmp entertiansed his Twitter minion with an attack on Jay-Z's comments about the Trump economy, or lack there of.  
During normal times, and distant US history (Eg. pre-2017), it would be unthinkable and totally unacceptable for a US President to spend so much time silly(ing) on Twitter.  Especially when his (all past presidents have been male) his target is a US rapper and following a report on Fox & Friends. A total farce and comical were it not a US President
Let's spend a few minutes on Black unemployment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the resource for national (and state) employment data. How does BLS archive black unemployment? As you view and contemplate what follows, recognize Trump's propagandist know full well Trump's actual impact on black unemployment. Also ask yourself: "Exactly what measures or legislation has Trump, and his Congress, enacted which actually impact US employment?"   If that doesn't work for you, ask yourself: "What policies has Trump put in place which focuses on black unemployment."

Data extracted on: January 28, 2018 

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Series Id: LNU04023071 
Not Seasonally Adjusted Series title(Unadj) 
Unemployment Rate - Not Enrolled in School, High School Graduates, 
No College, 16-24 yrs., Black or African American 
Labor force status: Unemployment rate 
Type of data: Percent or rate Age: 16 to 24 years 
School activity: Not Enrolled 
Educational attainment: High School graduates, no college Race: Black or African American

Data extracted on: January 28, 2018

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey
Series Id: LNS14000006
Seasonally Adjusted
Series title: (Seas) Unemployment Rate - Black or African American
Labor force status: Unemployment rate
Type of data: Percent or rate
Age: 16 years and over
Race: Black or African American

If for some strange reason you are abhorrent regarding charts the raw data paints an even more stark picture. Note the precipitous drop in black-unemployment since 2014. The only rational reason for the drop was an increasingly strong economy. An economy in which "immigrants" really did not take available jobs from black Americans. So much for that piece of conservative cake.

The Raw Story also published a piece regarding Trump's carnival performance and his efforts to sell fake news to the nation.
A recent NPR fact check found Trump’s claim to be true, but noted: “And a big problem with that claim is that those rates had been falling for long before Trump took office, and their declines don’t appear to have picked up speed. This implies that there’s nothing specific that Trump did to change this rate.”
Let's end this piece with a basic question: "Are you surprised Trump would take a stage, a platform and a microphone with such a bold lie."  Despite our understanding of Trump as a pathological liar, we will admit to a level of surprise his henchmen and henchwomen would actually facilitate a lie as bold as his black unemployment lie. 

However, we ask that you consider another perspective form noted economist Jared Bernstein.