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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Showtime Series "Homeland" As A Model for National Security Policy? Only On Conservative TV

As an American,  we all know the nation has a past of rational discernment of situations that generally lead to successful strategy, if or when faced with a problem. Rational thought requires situational education and an ability to assimilate the various components of learned information focused on rational and actionable outcomes. 

Since the early 1980s (the Reagan Years) and the proliferation of Fox News as well as the convenience of AM talk radio, our illumine past has devolved into a seething witches brew of false reality.  A false reality that literally has a known charlatan carnival barker leading GOP primary polling along with a veritable nutcase serial liar running second.  

From Trump's fraudulent  scam Trump University through his literal "unpresidential" touching (50-second mark) an admirer in a recent campaign visit to Las Vegas, the Right ignores all for the false hope of a messiah. A messiah supporters hope will lead them away from years of failed GOP leadership.  

While Trump and Carson lead supportive hordes down a path as Judas Goats, other conservative operatives are reaching into the twilight imaginary zone of television for national policy.

On yesterday, AddictingInfo ran a piece with Fox News's Gretchen Carlson feeding Fox viewers a healthy dose of inane sycophancy.  The Fox host literally followed another conservative national media demagogue in postulating Obama should follow the ways of the ShowTime series Homeland in dealing with ISIS. 

You have no need to re-read the last sentence above, you read it correctly the first time. The conservative playbook this week includes national strategy and policy based on the creative works of television and movie writers.  Thus, demagogues like Gretchen and Joe Scarborough (address below) are marching to GOP lock-step dogma where its politicians cannot tread. 

Fox New's Carlson, first.  

Gretchen played a clip that basically only said “the terrorists are there for one reason only, to die for the caliphate. We need to pound them into a parking lot.” That’s pretty much it. Nothing too revolutionary there.
Here’s the transcript of part of their conversation:
GRETCHEN: You know, I don’t know if it’s scary or there’s another adjective to describe it, but Showtime has a show called Homeland. And one of their characters actually seems to sometimes know more about this war on terror and ISIS than possibly the administration. Listen to this.

(Plays clip from the TV show)

GRETCHEN: So on that show, Lieutenant Colonel, they’re talking about what needs to be done in Syria. I mean, should we be listening to Homeland?
BILL COWAN: Yeah, we probably ought to, Gretchen. I don’t watch it. I know it’s a wonderful show. But the fact of the matter is, we have rules of engagement set down by the administration that preclude us from actively and aggressively attacking ISIS thinkers, the headquarters, what have you.
Let's illustrate the extent of the dogma. Remember, the following segment aired before the last night's Fox News segment.

From the November 16 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That was a scene, opening scene of Homeland for this season, which, Willie, that was on a couple of months ago. I happened to be watching it the morning after Paris and it's unbelievably telling because they do have a strategy. They can identify their enemy. They can call us out by name. They know exactly what they're going to do. They know how they're going to do it and they know that they're going to die doing it. They have focus. We have absolutely no focus. We have no strategy. We have candidates that won't even mention our enemies' name by their name. It's frightening.

WILLIE GEIST: That was dramatized but just a little bit, right? I mean it was pretty close to the truth. We had the guest on earlier who said this is an Islamic cult. And what he meant by that is they seek this end times fantasy where they draw infidels into their territory and have a war and the armageddon is upon us. That is their goal and they're following very, very old early text from Islam and that's the goal.
Even with Willie (Whatever you say Joe) Geist's attempt to explain producer use of the Homeland dialog, the matter illustrates a few points about our society. Conservatives have won the battle of electronic media to the extent millions tune-in to shows with the singular purpose of advancing US conservatism by any means necessary. They do so quite successfully (via their viewers) despite clear evidence the GOP is not the party which seeks to better life for most Americans. It is not the party that best manages the US economy; via its Trickle-down economy core. Moreover, the demagogues serve the GOP and conservative America cause well via driving the nation back via a concert commitment to social regressivism.  

The fantasy mongers also illustrate exactly why the celebrity is the pinnacle of life for Americans. There isn't a presidential candidate alive nor deceased who could have escaped overwhelming criticism for the smoochy head kissing and massaging the waist of a woman on national television. Another and better point imagine any presidential candidate who involved in legal entanglements resulting from an alleged fraudulent education program.

The showtime series Homeland as a guiding light to international strategy.  Is it possible conservative show producers understand the scripts for Homeland are developed to leverage false and very slanted messages that garner audience favor Vs. depictions of reality?

The answer isn't straightforward nor rational. Basically as with the television show, conservative demagogues have a singular role in delivering communication to viewers.  And, that message is in the same context as Homeland: entertain for repeat views or votes.