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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Watch the following video and keep in mind the production is a %witter promotion via the nation's 45th President.

As we have all grown to adulthood in the United States, we are all mindful of the significance of the celebration of the nation's birth. We celebrate independence from a colonial power and we celebrate our freedom from tyranny, authoritarianism and we reinforce our separation from nations which practice leadership via dictatorship.

Our celebration is with customary rendition of America the Beautiful, and or, The Star Spangled Banner. The Trump video shows an all white, yes an all-white choir, and if you turn off the volume you might think they are singing one of our longtime-customary national anthems. Well, don't turn off the volume and you will see just how far the nation has moved towards what seems growing fascism with a leader who is detached from reality. Over the top nationalism (and Trump's narcissism) is a clear sign of growing totalitarianism. 
On a secondary basis, yet equally despicable, if my remarks about the racial composition of the choir bothered you, you might check your psyche. The choice of the choir was deliberate and it was a deliberate appeal to all that is racist about Donald Trump and his neo-society. 

 The United States has never been as white as the choir purports via its composition. A drastic statement, I suppose, but allow me to add to my contempt for all things Trump.

If you voted for Trump you cast much more than a vote for change. You cast a vote for white nationalism without true regard for Trump's folly, mental incompetence, and his over-the-top deep rooted contempt for women. Thus, you are a social voter and you are literally the fodder on which the GOP exists. Of course, yomay have voted for Trump out of total contempt for Hillary Clinton, and you fell victim to slick GOP operatives and Russians hackers and Internet operatives.  Yet, the vast majority of Trump voters were social voters.

Social voters have a common inner core. They share various degrees of bigoted and, or, racism 
cauldron of  From the life-long conservative who has convinced himself (and his wife), conservatism is the core of all that is good in the United States, through the indifferent bigotry who could live happily without any interaction with people of color, to the seething racist who hates all things black, Jewish, and hates any form of skin color. Basically, the following embed serves to illustrate my point even considering it delivers a harsh message.