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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

VIDEO Quick Hit: Shusssh Senator Kamala Harris; Don't Make Sessions "Nervous"

The Senate may question Sessions and other Trump stooges, but Kamala Harris had best mind her manners.

For the second consecutive hearing John McCain has interrupted questioning from California Democrat Senator Kamala Harris. While Harris questioning was direct and focused on avoiding another case of a rambling witness (with consideration of strict time limits), it is more than coincidental that McCain takes the junior member of the committee to task. Notice I avoided reference to Harris's gender and race with regard to McCain holding his interruptions as Senators from Connecticut and New Mexico also directly challenged an evasive witness.

Let's start with McCain's interruption of Harris during questioning of the acting director of the Justice Department.

As to yesterday's hearing?

We offer the full six plus minutes of Senator Harris's opportunity to question Jeff ("I do not recall") Sessions. 

Wouldn't you know during subsequent discussion of the interruptions would garner what seemed to be a sexist remark from a noted Trump talking head/presstitute.

It was refreshing to see Ms. Powers address the remarks. 

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski felt compelled to also address the issues.  It is a Baby Boomer male issue without question. It also seems via McCain to be an issue with an undercurrent of one staying in it's place.