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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Sarah Palin Quips And Shows Her Intellect (AGAIN)

If you follow US politics, you know the GOP and RNC sponsor two annual events focused on titillating the more zany and hardcore across their party: The CPAC Event and the Values Voter summit.

We generally avoid the two events like the plague. Here is the perfect example of why.....
So much for CPAC, let's skip a few years ahead to another conservative idol. An idol with the intellect of a turtle and a communication style that is only open for exposure a few seconds. Sarah Palin and a typical Palin swipe at President Obama. You might have noticed Palin spends much time and energy speaking about race. She skirts (pun not intended) into the issue just enough to tip her hand as a closet bigot who sends veiled and subliminal messages to her ravishing throngs of "tin hats." It is also important to occasionally remind the GOP is a party that sports 92% white members. If you know and understand data, you should know the percent represents a desired state and social reality. I offer an additional analogy for the stumbling half-governor of Alaska. Have you ever criticize a person during an Internet argument for a their keyboarding a typo?  We all have. Now, have you ever committed a typo in the very sentence aimed to deflate the battling opponent. How did you fell?  Pretty small, eh.  

Palin's efforts to interject race to the predominate and receptive crowd was marred by a revelation unbecoming one who aspired to serve in the White House. 

But, Palin and race is not the impetus for this screed. It seems Plain has topped her "Paul Revere warning the British" with a complete and unfathomable misplacement of the White House.

Values Voter summit

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I will admit I am a news and current events geek. I also learned many years ago how to prepare for a speech with requisite research and prepare for the speech via talking it out loud or via a select speech reviewer. Obviously, Palin hasn't learned to augment her education deficiencies with assistance for others. And, in her case others who are far more worldly and learned. 

Palin will say she misspoke. Well, she clear read her comments and with very amateurish extended pause to facilitate reading her script. It appeared someone wrote out 1400 Pennsylvania avenue. Of course, Palin didn't write the wrong address. It was her speech writer; of course.

As I viewed the Rachel Maddow Show tonight, I notice she and her producer devoted one minute to the Palin exhibition.  it is worth the minute, give it a run.

While Republican practice utter contempt for President Obama's use of the teleprompter,  Palin should avoid writing out a speech with associated delivery via long absorption of  speech lines via the podium. If the speech had been placed on proper speech deliver tools, we might have missed a reminder of Palin's intellect and delver of entertainment over substance. Someone with an iota of intellect would have caught the mistake.