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Thursday, March 12, 2015

" The 47" Scrambling For Cover!

The actions on Capitol Hill the past two days is nothing shy of intriguing.  Intriguing and a testament to the sadness of the US voter. If you recall the movie series the Keystone Cops (or the slightly more nascent Three Stooges),  you may have visions of the GOP (House and Senate). It is utter comical to watch many of "the 47" (GOP Senators who open letter the Iranian leadership) scramble for cover regarding their ill-advised traipse down: the "Stupid Trail and leads to Dumbsville."   

The reaction from the open letter signers is shear comedy. Let's run through a few reactions.


The Daily Kos

In response to questions about the letter.
" (to) tell the Iranians that whatever deal they make, the Congress of the United States will play a role," but "Maybe that wasn’t the best way." 
“It’s also symptomatic between the total lack of trust that exists now between we Republicans and the president,” he said. 
“This has established a poisoned environment here which sometimes causes us to react maybe in not the most effective fashion.”
What if the action towards Iranian leadership had been more drastic? The letter was the epitome of ignorant, but could have come the minds of its author in a much different manner. Let's stretch our minds a bit and think about GOP money-brokers who probably derived real glee from the (open) letter. Suppose they had ordered the GOP Senators to enact another manner of obstruction against President Obama.  Let's say a more nefarious or devious act. No Senator McCain, "it was not the best way!" Yet, you again showed your level or irascible: You signed it!"  

McCain will go down in US history as one of  "The 47." He also has a mark on US history as one of The Keating Five. 

Cornyn (R - TX)

NewsMax (not a fav publication)
"I know that the president is in denial and wants to reject Congress' appropriate role," Cornyn said during the 30-minute conversation in his office overlooking the Supreme Court. "All our letter pointed out is that our government isn’t a monolith, and that the president doesn’t wield all the authority and power under our Constitution — that we’re a government of separated and divided powers." 
He continued, "In particular, I think the important point was made that the term of any agreement [the president] might strike with Iran will not outlast his term of office, absent Congressional approval.

Corynin runs with deflection back to President Obama. A president who is accomplishing the duties of his office in the face of a reality that leads to nuclear war. Corynin's team came up with a response that completely avoids the fact we live in a world where news media, on-camera statements and even a press conference may have been far more cerebral and less historic.   

Corynin will go down in US history as one of  "The 47." 

Marco Rubio continued to show how very misplaced his is as a US Senator, by going macho with, He would pen another letter the very next day." The 'cocky' junior Senator proceeded t a war powers hearing and made a complete fool of himself.  While working from pre-set notes (and obviously accompanied by a lack of knowledge and an inability to listen) he went about using Iran in a manner contradicted by facts.

Fox News (by far my least consulted new source) excerpt:

"I believe that much of our strategy with regards to ISIS is being driven by a desire not to upset Iran so they don't walk away from the negotiating table on the deal that you are working on," Rubio, a Florida Republican, said during the hearing by the Committee, of which he is a member. "Tell me why I am wrong."

In what published reports described as a tense back-and-forth, Secretary of State John Kerry responded: "The facts completely contradict that."

"They want us to destroy ISIS,” Kerry said, referring to Iran. “They want to destroy ISIS. ISIS is a threat to them. It is a threat to the region. I think you are misreading it if you think there is not a mutual interest."

"I think this has been a misread by a lot of people on the Hill, to be honest with you,” Kerry said.

“There is no grand bargain being discussed here in the context of this negotiation. This is about nuclear-weapon potential. That's it. It is really almost insulting that the presumption up here is that we are going to negotiate something that allows them to get a nuclear weapon."

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter also shot back at Rubio when he brought up Iran and its influence in the president’s policies in Iraq and Syria.

Reports later in the evening indicated Rubio's office issued a statement that he misunderstand Kerry's remarks.  The interaction was more a case of being ill-prepared, attempting to deliver a macho statement and failing to apply mental processes to information contradictory his present position. 

Another of "The 47", and this GOP Senator would do it again!

Rand Paul (Senator Chameleon)

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Before we post a Crooks and Liars post regrading Paul, follow a moment of reflection. When we devote page space to Paul (The Younger)  we insist on reminding our readers of Paul aditited pathological penchant for lying. He has in the past, referred to his condition as "misinformation." We posit no words should be used for his pathology other than "Liar." While responding to a question from a University Of Louisville medical student, Paul spoke form his heart and inner core: "Misinformation Works!"

What follows is an insult to the intellect of any pre-teen, young adult and adult. 

Crooks and Liars

Rand Paul Says He Wanted To Strengthen The President's Hand - By Signing Iran Letter

The email hysteria continued today. First Matt Lauer asked Senator Rand Paul about the Hillary Clinton's email "scandal," and he essentially replied with the usual Randian response, we can't trust her, because she's a Clinton. Paul concluded, Hillary is basically saying, I didn't do the right thing then, but trust me now." Okay Rand, we can…