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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Benghazi As Political Strategy And Television Ratings Magnet!

Media Matters adds to its revelations about 60 Minutes Benghazi fall into "Yellow" journalism.

As you follow the 60 Minutes version of Fox News, add a another perspective to your gray matter.  As we consider the attacks, a critical issue remains unanswered: "Why the fixation on the Benghazi tragedy when our history includes attacks on embassies and consulates that resulted in hero accolades for the victims along with no lingering attacks of previous administrations?" 

The meme and chart provide clear evidence of the dangers of ambassadorial service.  My memory may fail me, but I do not recall any level of political strategy and right-wing mantra associated with the many deaths and injuries. In fact, the chart just above shows far more attacks when republicans occupied the White House.  

While, the question is rhetorical, we will ask: "Why is Benghazi different?"  "Why is it such a lingering focus Benghazi when Congress refused additional embassy security funding worldwide?" Why are the deaths in Banghazi not considered with Ambassador Stevens three times refusal of additional security forces at the embassy?"  The questions are rhetorical; the answer lies in politics.  If you need more think about Hillary Clinton 2016, and President Obama's legacy.  Think really hard about 2016.

Here's How CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Describes Her Dubious Benghazi Witness

Lara Logan Dylan Davies
It's clear that CBS correspondent Lara Logan truly admires Dylan Davies, the British security contractor with a starring eyewitness role in the 60 Minutes report that has galvanized new attention on the September 2012 attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Asked in a Q&A about why Davies (identified by CBS with the pseudonym "Morgan Jones") had decided to speak with the network, Logan said he "is tortured by guilt that he was not able to save his friends in the U.S. Compound, that he wasn't able to save Sean Smith's life or Amb. Stevens' life." 
"That may sound ridiculous to people who couldn't think of anything more insane than rushing towards a burning building that is overrun with al Qaeda terrorists," Logan continued, "but Morgan Jones is the kind of man who would do that and who did do that. And when he failed the first time, he went back again."
There's just one problem. The story Davies told CBS diverged wildly from the account he gave his superiors in an incident report that was obtained by The Washington Post.  
The October 27 60 Minutes segment featured Davies and his seemingly heroic efforts "scaling" the compound's 12 foot wall, disabling a terrorist "with the butt end of a rifle" and ultimately seeing the lifeless body of Ambassador Chris Stevens in the hospital. But according to the Post, Davies wrote in his incident report the day after the attack that he spent most of that night at his Benghazi beach-side villa and learned of Stevens' death from a colleague.
Fox News had previously interviewed Davies several times but stopped after he asked the network for money; his new book, billed as an "Explosive Eyewitness Account" of the attack, was released two days after the 60 Minutes report and has already been optioned for a movie. These are all factors that undermine Davies' credibility and should have given CBS pause.

We await a response from 60 Minutes.  If CBS ignores the alleged false report, the network will appear very much Fox News like.