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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Conservatives On TV (Wallowing In Racism)

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You are aware Trump and his Justice Department have an active policy (and practice) of separating children from refugee ("immigrant" if you believe that or "illegal aliens" if you are a super conservative) families and placing the children of fenced cells and placing almost 1500 children into the hell of "we don't know where they are?" Since we assume you know of the practice, what is your first thought when you read or hear of a child without protection at the hands of some adults?  If it matters to you that the children are from South of the US borders, then you should click-off the page and consider yourself an unwelcome visitor. 

Of course, if you find the practice acceptable and within the spirit of Americana, you may wish to hear from Rick "BLAH PeopleSantorum regarding the ICE practice.  (We did not get Santorum as a racist GOP presidential candidate in 2012, but make no mistake four years later we elected a racists president). 


Now about another big dose of conservative racism?

A Joke?

Since we live in a world where sitting in front of a TV monitor engulfing giggly reality TV show after giggle reality TV show (with interruptions only to view national singing contest shows or dark ethnically themed shows with moderate amounts of gun killings), it was no surprise when Barr visited the Holocaust and a skit including an oven with "Jew" cookies while wearing a Nazi insignia. Snopes.

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Her revealing racism via Twitter is also no surprise. It is time to recognize growing racism in the US and it is past time to stand tall in resistance. We cannot expect resistance from the millions who support Donald Trump due to the prospect most agree with Trump's racism and bigotry. We should expect resistance for people who succumb to the need for giggly celebrity (star) watching if those people actually find Barr's racism unacceptable.

ABC is also culpable if promulgating growing bigotry anti-Semiticism and bigotry via the hire of Barr. Of course, she was fired this afternoon, but does that firing absolve the network from culpability if promulgating racism and bigotry? I suggest it does not. On the side of fairness, the network took quick action. Let's see which network purchases rights to the show and see if other performers on the show follow their racist star back to the airways.

ABC knew of Barr's racist past and hired here this past March.  Is there any way to avoid thoughts of ABC hiring Barr to draw ratings from Trump and his supporters?   

A couple of examples of Trump, Barr, and ABC: